Why are Amazon credit cards so difficult

Amazon Payments - Real alternative to PayPal

There are now a large number of different payment methods that come in a wide variety of forms. So there are still the well-known candidates Prepayment, cash on delivery, direct debit, invoice and Credit card. In addition, there are always new electronic payment methods that use virtual currency to pay indirectly. The payment provider then takes care of the debiting from your own account or a credit card. And this is where an important sticking point lies, as the customer has to place trust in the provider.
After all, he hands over his here Account details, credit card number and other personal data. For such an electronic payment solution to be widely accepted, the Awareness of the provider important. So it's good if a payment provider was able to make a name for itself beforehand, in this case Amazon. Acceptance is high among many customers due to the recognition effect. In this article, we will provide you with the payment method so that you can also benefit from it in the future Amazon Payments in front.

Benefits of Amazon Payments

The payment method Amazon Payments offers shop operators several advantages at once. In the first place there is the Awareness of Amazon to call. Due to the “reputation” as a reliable eCommerce provider, trust in the Amazon brand is high. The inhibition threshold to process payments via Amazon is correspondingly lower.
Another advantage of the connection to Amazon: A existing Amazon account will be used for payment. This means that there is no need to fill out any complex forms, add checking accounts or credit cards or the like. A a simple login with your own user data is sufficient.
In contrast to its competitor PayPal, Amazon also offers the option of the customer is in your shop all the time during checkout. This means that the shop does not have to be left as with PayPal. This has a positive effect on the conversion rate, as some necessary steps are completely eliminated. Paying is much less time-consuming and feels “rounded”.
In addition, the Customer secured, similar to what is the case with PayPal. In the event of problems or disputes, the customer can contact Amazon directly and request a refund. Here, too, trust in such concessions on the part of the customer is important, but here again the reputation of Amazon has a positive effect.

Amazon Payments vs PayPal

One could argue that PayPal is already a widespread electronic payment solution on the market. And that is indeed correct. However, you have to pay attention to various things here. There are various customers who deliberately avoid PayPal. PayPal hasn't always made friends in the past. PayPal is sometimes controversial, especially among network-savvy users. If you only offer PayPal and prepayment, you may lose access to this customer group.
In addition, PayPal payments sometimes require a credit card, which in German-speaking countries, however, is by no means all owned. Although direct debit is generally supported, PayPal blocks individual direct debit payments at irregular intervals, requires a credit card and only offers information such as the following:

To protect our users from fraud, we review every transaction and may block a payment method if we see a potential risk in it. Although our anti-fraud measures occasionally block legitimate payments, we do not bypass our decisions about an individual transaction in order to maintain overall security.

If you don't have a credit card, you're in the dark. Therefore, Amazon Payments is developing more and more into a real alternative. The general dissatisfaction with such arbitrary measures by PayPal is sure to increase over time, provided that internal policies and such decisions do not change.
Another advantage: The customer no longer has to leave their own shop, as is the case with PayPal. This significantly simplifies the checkout process. The conversion rate also rises as a result, as the customer is offered significantly fewer points to exit.


Amazon Payments is one real alternative to PayPal, which can also be found more and more frequently in German online shops. Especially the problems with PayPal mentioned above lead to more and more dissatisfaction with the previous top dog. Anyone who, as a shop operator, makes the decision about the payment methods offered should definitely also deal with Amazon. Our team will be happy to advise you.