Finn Balor is a good WWE wrestler

Finn Balor


Also appeared as Fergal Devitt, Prince Devitt, Pegasus Kid

Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland

Singles Wrestler (2001 - today)
Tag Team Wrestler (2004 - 2013)
Promoter (2004 - 2007)
Trainer (2002 - today)
WWE Development Wrestler (2014-2016)
Start of the in-ring career:
"Irish Captor"
"Irish Young Gun"
"Prince Of Ireland"
"The Demon"
"The Real Rock 'n' Rolla"
Devitt's End
Prince's Throne
Coupe de Grace (Diving Double Foot Stomp)
1916 / Bloody Sunday (Brainbuster)

  • former promoter of NWA Ireland
  • trained in the New Japan Dojo in the spring of 2006 and made his debut as a graduate of the Dojo
  • is, besides Jushin Thunder Liger, the only wrestler who could win the Best Of The Super Junior without defeat and the only one who succeeded as Junior Heavyweight Champion
  • became the first WWE Universal Champion in history just four weeks after his debut at RAW, but had to surrender the belt 24 hours later because he injured himself while winning the title
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