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Psychological self-tests

Psychological anxiety test

Do you look into the future with a queasy feeling and are you afraid of unknown situations? Find out how anxious you are.

Test: Do you suffer from anxiety disorders?

Psychological anger test

You often do not know what to do with your anger and could burst with anger in such situations? Determine if you can find ways to deal with your anger.

Test: How easily do you get angry?

Psychological depression test

Do you have self-doubts and would you like to stay at home or in bed all day? Use the depression test to find out if you are prone to depression.

Test: Do you suffer from depression?

Psychological self-efficacy test

Are you optimistic and see problems as a welcome opportunity to prove your strength? Find out how much you dare to do.

Test: How is your self-esteem doing?

Psychological test on symptoms of stress

Do you have trouble falling asleep, do you feel tense and do you react hectically in certain situations? Realize how stressed you are.

Test: What is your stress level?

Psychological test for physical complaint pressure

Do you feel tired and weak? This test gives you information about your physical condition and any tension you may have at the same time.

Test: Do you suffer from physical complaints?

Psychological test on the social network and loneliness

Are there people in your circle of friends with whom you can share sorrow and joy? Find out what the quality of your relationship with other people is like.

Test: How pronounced is your social life?

Psychological test on occupational stress

Do you feel overwhelmed or does the thought of work make you feel queasy? Find out how hard your professional life is for you.

Test: Overwork at the workplace?

Psychological test for chronic dissatisfaction

Do you feel bothered by other people and do you get stressed easily as a result? Determine if you have chronic dissatisfaction.

Test: Are you constantly dissatisfied?

Psychological test on the quality of the couple relationship

Are you and your partner a well-coordinated team and do you always come together in difficult situations? Determine how satisfied you are with your relationship.

Test: How is your relationship doing?

Psychological test for vital exhaustion

Do you feel burned out or powerless and do you find everything that comes your way exhausting at first? Find out how your strength is right now.

Test: Do you feel permanently exhausted?