Which is better microwave or oven

Microwave or oven - the comparison

Due to rising costs in many areas, many justifiably ask themselves whether a microwave or a stove is the better choice? The new microwaveNowadays they offer a multitude of functions and thus the small kitchen appliances make great competition for the well-known stove or oven.

Especially for singles one offers microwave a good alternative to the stove. Do you live alone and are annoyed not to be able to save money when you go shopping? Of course there are always great offers and discounts, but the groceries are usually designed for families and available in bulk.

If there are smaller portions, they are often more expensive than the large pack. As you can see, there is hardly any opportunity to save money when shopping. The situation is different when it comes to preparation.

The benefits of a microwave

A microwave offers a multitude of advantages in direct comparison to the stove. On the one hand, the purchase is many times cheaper and, on the other hand, the preparation / heating of the food only takes a few minutes. However, this small but fine kitchen appliance has had to contend with criticism again and again for years.

Microwaves work with electromagnetic waves and are actually a health hazard. Of course not with one microwave, because the manufacturers have found very good ways of not emitting the radiation.

The electromagnetic waves are also not harmful to the food inside. Another point of criticism is always that the microwave allegedly deprives food of important nutrients and vitamins.

Experts have been paying attention to this statement for many years and have already subjected countless models to a test. Based on the test results, it cannot be proven that a meal is made from themicrowave has fewer vitamins or nutrients than a stove or oven dish. As far as the taste of the food is concerned, there can be certain differences. However, these differences are easy to explain.

In the microwave the heating takes place in a few minutes. If you are eating longer in the microwave can result in a not so good taste. However, this can also happen to you with the use of a stove. If the food cooks too long and may even burn, it will simply not taste good. So you should always choose a suitable program for heating or defrosting.

Numerous possibilities to warm or cook the food

Ready meals can be easiest in the microwave be prepared. Here it makes no difference in terms of taste to heat them on the stove top. But what about other dishes?

The fact is that humans have a "Creature of habit“Is. Our parents and grandparents still prepared the food on the stove or in the oven.

However, those times have long since changed. In addition, cooking on the stove also offers many more options than preparation in one microwave. This makes it very easy to adjust the taste of the dishes on the stove.

In the microwave unfortunately it looks a little different. It can be a hassle to take out the food after 20 seconds and possibly add salt and pepper. Thus, small differences in taste can definitely be explained.

With the many functions of the new Microwaves however, you can also prepare almost all dishes and foods. Whether meat, fish, casseroles or vegetables, preparation becomes child's play with the right function.

If you have meat in the microwave the taste can change slightly. A tip from professionals and experts: Reach out when preparing meat in the microwave to more spices.

The speed

This point is very important for a direct comparison. So in which kitchen appliance does the food cook faster? In principle, this question is not that easy to answer. First and foremost, of course, many would here the microwave put in 1st place.

However, it now depends on the stove. With a stove with today's favored ceramic hob, the preparation takes longer than in the microwave.

If it is a gas or induction cooker, there is hardly any difference in time. Since most households have a ceramic hob, this is the one here microwave clearly to be preferred.

Microwaves are catching up more and more

The trend also remains with the manufacturers of Microwaves It is not hidden that the sale of small kitchen appliances is increasing every year. This is due to the fact that the performance and features are becoming more diverse.

New Microwaves have a steamer and have hot and circulating air. For many, the question arises as to why a stove is actually still worthwhile. A clear plus point for the stove is of course that large quantities can be prepared easily.

In a microwave space is limited. For large families, the preparation can be done in the microwave thus become a problem. However, the manufacturers are working meticulously on a wide variety of solutions and today there is already an extensive range Microwaves with a very good volume.

The microwave is now a clear advantage and of course the low purchase price should not be forgotten. An oven for less than EUR 300.00 is a rarity. For that money, you can get several high quality ones Microwaves from well-known manufacturers. You cannot do without an oven entirely. Especially not when a meal has to be prepared for large families.

Microwaves but offer more and more functions and you can also convince in terms of taste. Sooner or later the time will certainly come when a stove or oven will only be used very rarely.

The many are at your disposal for more information Test reports on the Internet to select. Here you can find detailed comparisons between Microwaves and the oven.


In summary it can be said that Microwaves already many functions from one Oven or stove can take over. Manufacturers of Microwaves the latest technical achievement.

There will be many more developments in the future. Whether meat, fish or vegetables, with the right programs and a suitable one microwave, you can prepare or heat many dishes in just a few minutes.