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Patient treatment in Balininkai (Lithuania) with the South Korean thermal massager CERAGEM


1 patient treatment in Balininkai (Lithuania) with the South Korean thermal massager CERAGEM Over 2 months (from to) 80 patients: 60 women and 20 men were treated. The median age of the patients was 52 years: 52 - women and men. The youngest patient was 15 years old, the oldest - 83 years old. The classic methodology preprogrammed in the control panel of the device was used. 6 treatment courses each 10 days without interruption were carried out. 17 ± 2 people were treated in each course. The 10-day course was held for 34 people, the 20-day course for 22 people, 30-day course for 12, 40-day course for 6, 50- or 60-day course for 3 people. Around 15 people tried individual procedures out of curiosity or to gain knowledge, but only planned the treatment in the future, as they did not have the opportunity to visit regularly at the moment. Almost all patients (except 3 people) tolerated the procedures well. After a few tests, a forty-year-old man stopped using it as soon as he learned that alcoholic beverages should not be used during the treatment. A seventy-three year old stopped treatment because of severe pain in her spine during the massage. As a result of injuries and fractures in the past, significant residual changes had occurred in the patient. The massage device not only caused pain when touched, but also automatically brought the patient into a sitting position. The sixty-year-old woman became scared after a physiotherapy reaction and interrupted the treatment. She did not believe the factual explanation. Before treatment and after completing the course, the patients were clinically examined. If necessary, they were also checked periodically throughout the treatment. The elderly patients after a stroke or infarction, with significantly higher blood pressure, with cardiac arrhythmias or instability, patients after recent surgical operations, prosthetic restorations and various injuries were observed more closely. The pathological spectrum was particularly large and at the same time dispersed due to the small number of patients (80). There was therefore no way of evaluating the effectiveness of the treatment with the CERAGEM device for any specific disease group. The diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system and the nervous system were dominant: - diseases of the musculoskeletal system, pathology of the spine: spondilosis, osteochondrosis, nucleus pulposus protrusion, patients in the state after the operation because of these diseases, lists of different directions, Radiculopathy, injuries, low back pain, the consequences of too rapid growth (adolescents), osteoarthritis of various joints, pathology of para-articular formations and miopathy; - Diseases of the cardiovascular system: general atherosclerosis, angiopathy, hypertension, various forms of hypertensia, cardiopathy, residual symptoms after myocardial infarction and cardioneurosis; -Diseases of the central, vegetative and peripheral nervous system: neuroses, neuropathies, diencephalic, vegetative, neurocircular syndrome, residual symptoms after insult and depression. There were also isolated cases of digestive diseases, urogenital and endocrine diseases

2 and respiratory diseases represented. After observing the device and direct contact with the patient for 2 months, it can be said without a doubt that the CERAGEM device with all its components: mechanical massager and energy, heat and infrared radiation from the nephrite stones heated by it, as well as accumulation and generation of the rays by carbon graphite plates via biologically active points and channels can evoke a complex biophysiological, biochemical and psychosomatic response of the organism. Under the influence of this stimulation, the biophysiological changes are activated via the centers of the central nervous system (CNS) through unconditional reflexes only with the body's own energetic forces on the cell and molecular level. The receptors are cleaned, the back connections of the information and signal system improved. The biophysiological mechanisms of various stages, which were retarded for various reasons, rebuild the balance: what is too much is reduced, what is too little is supplemented. Relatively quickly, after 5-6 procedures the general condition of the patient improved, the mood improved, the taste of life and interests came back, the almost forgotten problems became topical again, the quality of life was restored. This will destroy the depression. The psychotherapeutic effect was actually effective. In this way the depression is overcome much faster and more effectively than with the use of antidepressants, because the feelings of the person, the reactivity, the interests and the whole being are not dampened at all. The patient is not artificially changed. In the further course of the treatment, the somatic improves. The blood circulation improves noticeably in all segments. Metabolism is accelerated by improving the supply of oxygen (O2) and nutrients, i.e. energy resources. The vital processes then run like in a rejuvenated body. The previously felt discomfort gradually disappears, the symptoms of the diseases are reduced (this becomes clearly noticeable after procedures). The pain goes away or is significantly alleviated. Sleep is improved (after 5-8 procedures). The procedures can contribute to worsening sleep. Most of the time, the improvement is rapid. The blood pressure is regulated. After the first procedures (3. 5.) there was a tendency towards a slight increase (from 4 to 15 mm) in blood pressure in people who had normal or slightly higher or lower blood pressure. Those who suffered from hypertension (mm) had their blood pressure decreased by 10 to 20 mm. The systolic (upper) blood pressure is more flexible, the diastolic blood pressure is less changeable (0-10 mm) and can be adjusted after a longer treatment (30-40 and more procedures). People who can measure their blood pressure regularly may stop taking previous medication for some time, lower the dose, or reduce the frequency of use. It is very important to notice in time the tendency to increase blood pressure. Essentiale hypertension (asymptomatic hypertension) is an incurable disease. A positive effect can also be observed on other heart and blood vessel diseases. The effect occurs through the spine: massage, thermal pressure puncture. The pulse normalizes. Extrasystoles (ventricular extrasystoles) disappear or become less frequent. The excitation conduction (EKG) is getting better. The shortness of breath is reduced. Stenocardial pain (especially due to exertion) and cardialgia do not occur or occur less often. If it is possible to observe such patients (their condition) during the procedures, one should not do without their treatment according to the standardized methodology. The greatest and fastest effect was achieved in the treatment of the spine. This is what all (100%) patients with this pathology said. The improvement began at the end of the first treatment. Pain and stiffness of the joints stopped after the application. For complete improvement, 20 applications were enough. However, after the interruption of 1-2 months, additional consolidation was required. 2-3 applications were sufficient for this,

3 so that the achieved effect recurs. Those who suffer from pathology of the spine and musculoskeletal system are worth buying their own CERAGEM device. If you regularly repeat some procedures, you may feel completely healthy. The examination of the patients showed that the recurrences were usually due to the overloading of the spine (by lifting weights!) Regardless of actual possibilities. Younger patients recovered faster. In the cases we observed, the young people claimed that recovery had occurred after only 5-6 applications. They sought treatment for back pain in various places caused by osteochondrosis, spinal curvature, incorrect posture, growing too quickly, injuries sustained, and muscle and ligament strains. Immediate recovery (in 2 cases) occurred when a lost vertebra was replaced by a massage device. 10 applications were enough to overcome the aggravated radiculopathy. The treatment of joint diseases and diseases of para-articular formations, as well as myopathy, has been relatively effective. We have noticed that the effectiveness is greater and faster achievable if the particularly endangered joints are treated with mobile heater projectors. CERAGEM procedures also work against Podagra, only on condition that the heat exposure is regulated. You start the procedures in body temperature and then gradually increase it by 5 degrees according to the reaction of the joints. The patient is advised to increase the use of fluids, and in the event of swelling under the eyes, weak diuretics (e.g. Amiloridum 10 mg) that do not disturb the potassium balance should be used every 3-4 days in the morning. In cases of increased uric acid excretion and if the kidneys or urinary tract are irritated, a short-term use of antispasmodics (Spazmex, Spazmomen, No-Spa) is recommended. When treating joint diseases, it can happen that improvement does not affect all joints. In the case of a very damaged joint (50%), no healing effect can be achieved either. This is a one hundred percent indication of the need to insert a prosthesis. CERAGEM procedures can therefore help the arthrological patient to make a decision that the operation is essential or necessary. Thermal massage has also had a positive effect on other systems. In 2 cases we observed the establishment of motor function after a brain insult. An 83-year-old woman has suffered a number of insults of various degrees of difficulty over the course of 5 years and was only able to come to the table to eat with the help of others. She suffered from high blood pressure / mm Hg. After the last insult, treatment with drugs from the wide range of products was no longer effective. During the day the blood pressure was unstable, with large amplitudes of fluctuation. Sometimes the blood pressure was too low. The patient herself had a great desire to test the CERAGEM couch and saw it as her last hope. After thorough clinical research, we started procedures and carried out constant monitoring. Before the first procedure, the blood pressure was 190/105. After the procedure became 160/90. The stiffness, muscle tension, and tremors were over. She became more agile. The patient received the course of 40 procedures. She tolerated the procedures well. The blood pressure stabilized and stayed within the limits: 140 / 80-170 / 90. There was no sharp fall or rise. The unstable heart rhythm normalized. She took less medication and in smaller doses. After purchasing the cart that supports the stability of the body in an upright position (cart: walking frame with castors), she went for a walk every day, walked a longer distance every day. She was able to move around independently in the apartment. She cooked the food again, became flexible enough, and the paresis passed. She could do her housekeeping, even go to the shop and church (300 to 500 meters away). A 56-year-old man had hemiparesis after an insult six months ago

4 right side of the body. The right arm was completely slack. The first inpatient rehabilitation in the sanatorium was not very effective. The very first CERAGEM procedure was already enlightening the patient's mood. Whole body hypertension has been eliminated. His step lengthened twice. Residual symptoms of insult diminished with each procedure. He was able to move the hand that was no longer functional. Since the muscles had become weak and atrophied, he could not raise his hand yet. After 10 procedures his general well-being and mood improved, he had hope of getting well again and went away for another planned rehabilitation cure. The 15-year-old adolescent came because of the back pain that arose from the instability of the structures of the spine when the spine was growing too quickly (20 cm / year). The teenager stuttered, especially when someone spoke to him unexpectedly. He did not stutter from birth. This was the result of a great shock when he witnessed the death of his father. He did not emphasize this complaint. He continued the treatment to ensure the positive results. Before the 10th (last) application he asked if we had noticed anything. Then he said with satisfaction and pride: I no longer stutter. It turned out that he himself did not notice the procedure after which this evil had passed. His mother was the first to notice these changes. Both asked for 10 more procedures for so-called fixing of the results. Probably complete recovery. The CERAGEM procedures have regulated the disgruntled digestive system of several patients. In many patients, appetite improved, the sense of taste normalized, the feeling of fullness and heaviness in the navel and flatulence or growling in the intestines disappeared. In the constipated people, the constipation resolved after a few (3-8) procedures. The other patients had diarrhea stopped. The treatment of patients affected by a relatively rare disease: extensive diverticulosis (2 cases) had a good effect. A 60-year-old man had a bloated, big belly for almost 2 years. He had inhibitions about his appearance, he looked like a pregnant man or, according to the patient's own definition, like a person who has swallowed a balloon. He visited various health institutions, was examined and treated for a long time, but without result. When the correct diagnosis was finally made, he was treated by qualified doctors in both hospital and outpatient departments. After taking the enzymes and the drugs for meteorism, something got better. He was recommended to have the altered parts of the intestine operated on. He was afraid of the operation. He became a abstainer, although in the past he even enjoyed drinking too much alcohol. He decided to test the possibilities of the CERAGEM bed. After the 7th application, the stomach has shrunk. He felt fine, his appearance became normal. He reached for the bottle with happiness and joie de vivre and did not appear again. A 53-year-old woman should accept discomfort due to the changed appearance, the enlarged belly and a minor but constant discomfort of the digestive system. Treatment with medication did not help. She was going to have a more extensive examination and, if necessary, an operation. Some CERAGEM procedures eliminated the problem. She continued the treatment up to 40 applications for the pathology of the spine. After the one month break, the stomach got bigger again. However, after applying body cleansing methodology, everything went back to normal. Another woman achieved through her body cleansing that she could do without an operation on the urinary bladder and urinary duct. The woman was diagnosed with gallbladder atony because of the obstruction of the bile outflow in the bile duct (ductus choledocus). The tone of the bladder was

5 restored and obstruction removed. CERAGEM has also had a positive effect on the urinary system. The procedures made them thirsty and the patients drank more. The fluids flushed the whole system from start to finish. The warmth of infrared rays has led to the dilatation of the urinary tract, activated blood circulation and metabolism. The intensified and more active physiological processes improved the entire function and the cleaning at the same time. In 2 patients the stones were removed. The men who had prostate problems no longer felt this discomfort. The urge to urinate was less common, most of them did not have to wake up at night, and the urinary flow increased. Quite a few admitted that their sexual potency improved. One of the patients who had long and unsuccessfully pretreated prostatitis with modern means recovered after 28 CERAGEM procedures. In women who had painful menstrual bleeding, significant changes were made: they no longer had pain. The women who had bladder weakness coped with the problem. For some, 10 procedures were sufficient, in more severe cases up to 30 procedures were required. Women noted an effect on cellulite. One could notice regressions of the cellulite. The woman who had received 60 procedures noticed this very clearly. Obviously, this takes several procedures and time. Several procedures (more than 50) and a longer period of time (approx. 2 months) were needed to heal skin diseases. In psoriasis sufferers (2 cases) the lichen had disappeared.The warts (in 3 cases) on different parts of the body had fallen off. The resulting pigment spots became paler (ichtyosis - 1 case). It became more noticeable, but in several patients the hairiness. The barely noticeable hair had grown, the color became more intense. People who already had quite gray hair noticed dark streaks. Acute and sometimes acute processes are faster and relatively effective: runny nose (rhinitis), sinusitis (sinusitis), catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, pharyngitis (throat), laryngithis (larynx), hoarseness (vocal cords), bronchitis, allergic reactions, light and semi-light injuries (Blow injury, compression, bites, stings, wounds) passed. It is not advisable to combat these processes while having a fever. There have been cases where after CERAGEM treatment there was such an improvement that the patients stopped taking drugs (mostly tranquilizers and sleeping pills, analgesics, antipyretics (for inflammation) and antihypertensive drugs) or reduced the dose. After discovering that the patients who turn on their stomach during the procedure (thermal pressure positions 13, 14, 15), recover faster and more effectively, we have specially organized a group for them with the extension of the treatment in this position. We have extended the termalpressure puncture and supplemented it with an abdominal massage. We have convinced ourselves that the ability of the modification to purify the organism with the mechanisms of physiological self-regulation (see attached analysis) is decisive for the acceleration of improvement. In summary, the results of the observation of random patients with different pathologies, healthy people and a target group in the period of 3 months can be said: 1. The thermal massage device CERAGEM E model class II a from South Korea, which is the

6 ancient centuries practiced methods of oriental countries in the field of medicine and their effects on the organism can be used effectively in modern medical practice. 2. This device is capable of: warming the body, reaching a temperature higher than normal body temperature, performing general and deep massage with nephrite stones, thermopressure, thermal puncture with infrared rays, and energy rays from nephrite stones (analogous to acupuncture with needles) To stretch the spine (to move the vertebrae apart) to straighten the spine and reinsert the vertebrae. 3. The device works through direct contact and biologically active points or channels: relaxes, relaxes muscles, accelerates metabolism, cleanses receptors, activates signal connections and feedback (CNS), analgesises, brightens the mood. The organism is renewed, refreshed and regenerated. 4. The elimination of waste products and toxins from the organism takes place via the faeces through the intestines, urine, sweat through the skin, and exhaled air through the lungs. 5. The CERAGEM device can be used for strengthening and purifying a healthy organism (immunity), disease prevention (risk factors), autonomously or in conjunction with other methods for treatment (of diagnosed diseases) and for restitution (rehabilitation). 6. Diseases of all systems can be treated. The result is achieved more quickly through direct contact. 7. The fastest and most effective recovery occurred with diseases of the musculoskeletal system / system: spine, joints, ligaments, muscles and nerves. 8. There are no absolute contraindications (contraindications) that speak against this method. Sometimes certain conditions are required. These conditions are determined through consultation with the family doctor (private doctor). 9. With the CERAGEM device, a final recovery can be achieved in the early stages of the disease (if the disease is not carried over) and if the organism is very reactive (young people). Slowly progressing, chronic and periodically recurring diseases (elderly patients) have a tendency to recur after a corresponding period of remission, therefore repeated courses of application (some procedures) should be indicated. 10. For patients who need supportive treatment, it is worth buying their own CERAGEM device for periodic use Doz. Regimantas SKARULIS

7 CLEANING OF THE ORGANISM WITH THERMAL MASSAGE DEVICE CERAGEM-E from SOUTH KOREA Characteristics of the group A group of 14 women was selected to cleanse the organism. The medial age was 61 years. The youngest was 39 years old, the oldest 76 years old. The main criterion in choosing patients was the dysfunction of internal organs such as the stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, intestines, kidneys and urinary bladder. The predominant criterion in choosing the group was constipation (obstipatio). In the past, patients used medication for these symptoms. The acute symptoms were over. Until the start of treatment, they only used the medication temporarily, when they felt that discomfort began. Mostly analgesics, spasmolitics, secretolitics, enzymes were used. No patient took any medication during treatment. Before the beginning of the procedures, no features of tightening or increase in the activity of the system were noted. (24%) had severe constipation (emptied 2-4 days each). Not infrequently they should also use laxatives or products. 3 (21%) had urogenital problems. Procedure methodology (automatic-manual method). The patient is laid on his back. Automatic massage switch is pressed. After performing 3 massage courses forwards and backwards and thermal pressure puncture of the cervical spine, thoracic spine and lumbar spine and after holding the massager in the primary starting position, the patient is turned onto his stomach. Manually massage three times up to the sternum (point 2-13 on the scheme) and down to the pubic bone (point 12 on the scheme). Thereafter, the thermal pressure is carried out by standing for 5 minutes in the projection of the urinary bladder, on the navel and in front of the breastbone. You end with the manual massage of the abdomen until the massager stops at the bottom (7 ± 2 times). The duration of the procedure is 45 ± 2 min. Method of patient control The patients were weighed with the same electronic scales at the beginning and at the end of the procedures. The patients themselves also checked their weight in the meantime. Anthropometric measurements were carried out according to the classic norm: height, chest, waist, hips, thighs and upper arm. General clinical examination of the system of internal organs was made through questioning, inspection, auscultation, palpation, and percussion. The pulse and blood pressure were also measured. In individual cases, the patients were sent to the health institution where they are registered for x-ray examinations, echoscopy and electrocardiography. Laboratory tests with an autoanalyser (QPC AUTOREAD plius HEMATOLOGY) and general blood, sugar and cholesterol tests in the doctor's laboratory for general med. Practice executed. It was recommended to observe urine in the glass and feces (color, smell), to keep a diary of self-well-being and changes every day. Discussion of results The patients received 20 procedures. All patients tolerated the procedures well. I especially liked the abdominal massage. After the first 3-5 procedures, 12 people (86%) lost weight, some 2 kg. In 2 patients (14%) the weight did not change. Everyone has an increased appetite. 3 (21%) thought about food and eating all the time. During the procedure, the patient's weight fluctuated, rose and then fell again. After completing the course, the weight of 7 patients (49%) increased within the limits of 0.7-4.8 kg on average: 1.9 kg. In 5 patients (35%) the weight decreased by 1.02 kg, within the limits of 0.7-4.8 kg and in 2 (14%) it changed

8 not the weight at all. We could not determine whether the constitutional type (normostenic, astenic, hyperstenic) had an influence because of the statistical dispersion in a small number of patients. The changes in weight and anthropological dimensions (1-3 cm) corresponded to each other. With a larger change in weight, changes occurred in the area of ​​the hips, waist and thighs, i.e. in the areas where fatty tissue tends to accumulate. In weight loss patients, these girth measurements only decreased in centimeter parts (0.3-0.7). In 4 cases there was no change (28%). The patients felt a stressful situation from the very first procedure. The first 2-3 nights sleep changed, became restless, superficial with waking up at night, they felt growls in the abdomen, moderate, pulsating stitches, increase in gases, dry mouth - 12 (84%). 2 patients (14%) did not feel any significant changes. From the 4th procedure onwards, the patients felt even more pronounced changes. The earlier symptoms and weak spots in the organism reappeared. In 9 cases (63%) the strongest physiotherapeutic reaction was evident, in 3 (21%) moderate, in 2 (14%) a slight reaction. In 10 patients (70%) the symptoms of the digestive system occurred: change in taste, bitterness, acid and sweetness in the mouth, dry mouth, growling in the intestines, burping, bloating, in 2 (14%) episodic spasm-like pain under the right costal arch and around the navel. The stool softened. There was frequent bowel movements and urination for 2-3 days. Constipation was over. There was no diarrhea. In 5 women (35%) the color of stool changed. In the first few days the stool became darker, there was also formation of mucus, and the smell was more intense. After 3-4 days the stool turned lighter and the consistency became more even. In 2 patients (14%), in whom the urogenital system was discomfort before the organism was cleaned, but no constipation was present, the constipation developed after 3-4 procedures and this lasted 4 days, emptying took place every 2-3 days Urination became more frequent and in very large quantities. The patients did not see residues of any other kind (blood, parasites, concrements) in the extremes. Urogenital discomfort dominated in 4 patients (48%). Urination became more frequent and also increased at night (nocturia). They had a feeling of heaviness and repetitive stitches in the kidney area, an itchy urethra. 2 (14%) had fairly severe pain in the central lower part of the abdomen. One patient required the use of spasmolytic drugs (no-spa). The urine color of all patients has changed. At first urine became a little darker, but soon it became lighter and colorless and without odor. The urine that had been held in the jar during the day became cloudy, set up and increased until the procedure, but afterwards decreased. Two patients who were painful by the procedures had coarser formations with urine: sand and gravel came off. However, no stones were found. No patient spoke about the changes in the genital system. Active processes in individual groups (digestive system and urine excretion) lasted evenly over the course of procedures. In the gastroenterological group, the perceptions of the urological group were also repeated, but somewhat weaker and somewhat later (as a background). In urological patients, the gastroenterological symptoms also appeared in the background. A characteristic feature for all of them was profuse sweating, especially at night. After 15 procedures the bright period of clinical improvement began. The self-being, mood, sleep improved especially. The energy and performance increased, the patients looked livelier. The various previous symptoms of discomfort had disappeared (especially 100% constipation). Particular progress was also made in the dynamics of laboratory analyzes. Before the start of the CERAGEM procedures, no significant pathological deviations were found in laboratory analyzes except for a few cases: in 3 people (21%) there was an increased amount of cholesterol above 7.75 mmol / l, in 2 patients (14%) the amount of sugar in the blood over 6 mmol / l in one case (7%) leukocytosis-13.4x109 / L, 1 (7%) ENG 20 mm / h, in 2 cases (14%) - urinary changes (once up to 25 erythrocytes from left, in other leukocytes 70 rl).

9 After the organism cleansing course, all deviations from the norm disappeared, except for 2 cases of an increase in the amount of cholesterol in the blood. We have also observed tendencies towards remodeling in the hematological system for dimensions within normal limits. The blood cells grew from 301 to 376 x 109 / l; Hematocrit grew from 420 to 429 l / l, hemoglobin from 136 to 138 g / l. The relationships between granulocytes, lymphocytes and monocytes changed by 1% (66-65% and%). The tendency to decrease cholesterol on average from 6.16-5.97 and sugar from 5.65-5.35 mmol / l dominated. The greatest reductions in cholesterol were from 6.70 to 4.65 mmol / l and sugars from 6.1 to 5.3 mmol / l. According to the assessment of the patients themselves, the effect of the body cleansing method with the CERAGEM thermal massager was: very good - 9 people (64%), good - 4 (29%), effective - 1 (7%). The surgeons who carried out the procedures were in constant contact with the patients, and they were good and close. Before the beginning of the procedures, a seminar on BODY CLEANSING: THEORY AND PRACTICE was organized in the community of the settlement. During this seminar, not only the patients but also other interested residents were made acquainted with the history of body cleansing and detoxification: the beginning, nature, mechanisms, former and currently used methods, their advantages and shortcomings, experiences and results. The patients were explained with which possible perceptions (discomfort, physiotherapeutic reaction and changes in the cleansed body) they were confronted. During the treatment course, psychotherapeutic help should and was provided for 3 (21%) patients. After the course, we again organized a collective discussion of the results and voted on individual positions. Conclusions 1. Since the CERAGEM device enables the activation of physiological processes in the organism, it can be used for body cleansing (100% of patients who received procedures voted yes). 2. With the effect through biologically active points and channels, receptors are cleaned, the nerve fiber ends and the reception of stimuli through synapses, peripheral nerves are activated. Signal and return communications in brain centers of the CNS are improved. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system as well as stimulation and damping processes are balanced. The blood circulation is stimulated and the metabolism as well as the biochemical processes are accelerated. 3. Based on the perceptions of the patients during the procedures and the clinical examinations carried out, it can be said that the receptors in the mouth, throat and esophagus have been cleaned. The stomach, small and large intestines, liver, biliary system, pancreas, kidneys, adrenal glands, urinary bladder and other more distant organs are under the influence of mechanisms of improved circulation and accelerated metabolism. 4. Subjective and objective facts indicated that the body cleansing did not proceed chaotically, but rather in a certain order starting from the predominant complaints - weakest parts of the body (locus minoris). The disposal of waste products and toxins takes place in 4 ways: with stool through the intestines, with urine through the kidneys, with sweat through the skin and with breathing through exhaled air.

10 5. Since body cleansing takes place on the basis of the principle of self-regulation by the body's own defenses without any more or less drastic external effects (medication, food supplements, electrolytes, through drips or enema, etc.), more time and procedures are required. 6. The procedures create a stressful situation in the body from the physiological point of view (from the 3rd to the 10th procedure) and evoke a physiotherapeutic response (the morbid features become apparent). This mostly worries patients. It is not advisable to interrupt the procedures. The aggravation is faster if procedures are continued (except for individual cases). Physiotherapy response is one of the criteria for normal reactivity. This is also considered a prognostic sign of effective influence. 7. This body cleansing method had no negative impact on the patients. Before the start of the course, the main spectrum of possible perceptions was explained. Psychological-psychotherapeutic help was required for 20% of patients. 8. CERAGEM device can be used to maintain health, prevent disease, restore slow disease and suppose other treatments. 9.Compared to other methods currently used, this body cleansing method is particularly physiologically harmless: there is no aggressive external intervention, there is no chaos in the various intestinal levels, the microflora and protective elements are not washed out, the electrolyte balance and the alkaline acid balance are not destroyed , the processes in the system of internal organs are not forced. 10. There are no absolute counter-indications for this method. With relative counter-indications, the procedure can be taken under the supervision and control of specialists. Doz. med. Regimantas SKARULIS