How vindictive is Donald Trump

"Disgusting, vengeful, terrible person" : Trump railed against top democratic woman Pelosi

In the dispute over a possible impeachment proceeding against him, US President Donald Trump has violently pulled out the front woman of the opposition Democrats, Nancy Pelosi. "I think it is an imposition," said Trump on Thursday (local time) about the Democratic chairman of the House of Representatives in the US Congress. He tried to be nice to her, but she was a "disgusting, vengeful, terrible person".

Trump was particularly angry about an alleged statement by Pelosis that she wanted to see him behind bars. "That was a nasty, disgusting, vicious remark while I was abroad," said Trump in an interview with Fox News on the sidelines of the commemoration of the Allied landings in Normandy 75 years ago.

The news portal Politico first reported on Pelosi's alleged statements at a meeting with high-ranking Democrats on Tuesday evening. Pelosi is quoted as saying: “I don't want him (Trump) to be removed from office. I want to see him in jail. ”A spokeswoman for Pelosis, Ashley Etienne, told CNN that she could not confirm the statement.

As President of the House of Representatives in the US Congress, Pelosi ranks third after the President and Vice President. The 79-year-old has been in the House of Representatives for more than three decades. Trump denied her talent in the interview and accused her of not being able to close deals. He also has a nickname for her: "nervous Nancy" because she resembles a nerve wreck. The relationship between Trump and Pelosi has long been considered tense.

In essence, it is currently about the possible consequences of the final report of the special investigator Robert Mueller, who had been investigating since May 2017 whether Trump's campaign team made secret agreements with representatives of Russia and whether Trump hindered the judicial investigations. After Mueller made a public appearance at the end of May, in which he had expressly not acquitted Trump of the allegation of obstruction of justice, the debate among the Democrats over a possible impeachment proceedings against Trump has flared up again. (dpa)

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