How did Umaga become a wrestler

Umaga [Edward Fatu] died at the age of 36 | UPDATE: cause of death now known!

Many wrestlers and friends are shocked by the sudden death of Eddie Fatus (Umaga). The Samoan was very popular among his colleagues and was considered a joker who had many friends. So it is not surprising that so many of his colleagues and buddies are concerned and remember Eddie Fatu one last time.

Here are some of the quotes that have found their way online (mostly via Twitter) since Umaga's heart attack was reported.

D'Angelo Dinero / Elijah Burke
(when his death was not yet certain): The priest was informed of the condition of my friend Umagas many hours ago. Pope won't speak until his family takes a position, and that's how you should do it. The key is prayer.

Burke later wrote:This is hard, very hard - my heart and prayers go out to his wife, boys and family.

In a column on his HP he then told a story during a WWE draft show, when Umaga was initially very happy about Rey's draft, before he had to switch to SD himself and was very sad about it. You can read the column here:

Chris Jericho:
Eddie Fatu was a sensational guy and one of the brothers. I trusted him and that happens very rarely. I am devastated. Safe trip oos.

Matt Hardy:
I will miss "Uce" Eddie "Umaga" Fatu very, very much. He was one of my real friends and a sensational person. May God be with you, I love you, man.

Hurricane Gregory Shane Helms:
I am heartbroken. [Find] no words.

Howard "the Fink" Finkel:
I am deeply saddened by the passing of Eddie Fatu aka Umaga today. My condolences to his family and friends.

Paul Heyman:
The world today is minus a very cool Samoan. We express our sincere regrets to the Fatus family.

Lisa Marie Varon aka Victoria aka Tara
Rest in peace Umaga, we will always love you and we will all miss you.

Matt Morgan
I and my family give my condolences to Eckie's (Umaga's) family. This is just CRAP. Again, a great person was taken from us far too soon.

Beth Britt & Jeff Hardy
Totally devastated and heartbroken. We lost one of the most dear, caring, fantastic people. But most of all, we've lost one of our best friends.

Ken Anderson aka Mr Kennedy
I am very grateful to have had an eye-to-eye conversation behind closed doors with Ecki before our match in Sydney. He insisted on going out there and literally tearing down the hall. We both had something to prove and in my eyes we completed the mission. Our thoughts and prayers go with the entire Fatu family. Eckie adored his wife and was very proud of his children. I have so many great, funny, heartwarming (sometimes laughing convulsions) memories.

Michelle McCool
My heart and prayers go to Umaga's friends and family. He was undoubtedly loved by many.

Allison Danger
RIP Umaga. I thank you for your kindness when we met. My heart aches for your family and my thoughts are with them during this difficult time.

Torrie Wilson
before Umaga's death: Lord, be with my friend and give us a miracle.

afterwards: a lot of love my friend, a lot of love

Christopher Daniels
RIP Eddie Fatu, I'm glad to have known you in the short time you've been here.

Samoa Joe
See you when I get there too, Big Uso. "Look, I reveal a secret to you: we will not all fall asleep, but we will all be changed" (Corinthians 15:51)

Maria Kanellis
[Am very sad. Eddie was a friend. He loved wrestling and was a great entertainer. My prayers go to his wonderful family. A big loss.

Lilian Garcia
Just heard the news about Eddie aka Umaga. Am very sad. Loved him. Prayers for him and his family

Dixie Carter
On behalf of everyone at TNA: Our thoughts and prayers go with the whole Fatu family.

Maryse Ouellet
He always made me laugh. So sad! I can not believe this.

Lena Yada
While he was still in agony: Please don't take him from us, it's not his time yet. Pray that miracles will really happen.

Afterwards: My heart goes out to Umaga and his family

Ashley Massaro
Just heard about Umaga because a friend told me about it. Wow - I am so sad for his family. I can remember them so well, many little ones - all so sad. You just can't tell how shit it is when something like that happens. He was so funny and I have a lot of memories.

Shannon Moore
RIP Ecki - Lots of love and respect. We'll miss you and I'll cherish the times we had together.

The Anoai family has also published a statement on the death of Eddie Fatu. It says:

On behalf of the Anoai family and the front office of WXW C4, it is our sad duty to announce that today, December 4th, we have lost another member of not only our wresting family but actual family.

Eki "Umaga" Fatu passed away in Houston at the age of 36. As we mourn Eki, we also remember the good times we were able to share with him and the many smiling faces of millions of fans around the world when he came to the ring and did what he was on most loved: wrestling.

During this difficult time, we ask fans and the press to respect his family's privacy. If there is more information to be made public, his family will. The worst that could happen now is false information about this terrible situation, which could make the situation even worse.

We would like to thank everyone for their sympathy and prayers and ask that everyone celebrate the life of Eki Fatu.