Swimming takes a lot of stamina

Fitness Training: Why Swimming Is Much More Effective Than Running

There is this one cliché, yes, prejudice, that persists: swimming is just counting tiles. That means: swimming is monotonous and boring. That's not true. Or better: it doesn't have to be right. Different positions, different techniques, different aids - all of this in combination makes a varied program for those who find swimming back and forth in the same position too boring.

And above all: swimming is healthy and gets you going. There are many good reasons why you should jump into the chlorinated water first thing in the morning.

In the list of the most popular sports in the leisure sector, swimming is in third place. According to the study “Sports and Shopping Behavior in Germany”, more than two thirds of the population are physically active for two to five hours a week, and more than a quarter for five to ten hours. Fitness is at the top of the popularity list, followed by cycling and swimming.

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For stamina, muscle building, cardiovascular system

Good reasons to jump into the water:

  • Swimming is training that is easy on the joints and ligaments. The stress on the joints is 90 percent less than on land.
  • It is a full body workout that trains all of the major muscle groups. It strengthens the core as well as arms and legs.
  • Swimming strengthens the stamina and thus the performance.
  • Endurance and strength training can be combined. With aids such as so-called paddles for the hands, strength training can be relocated to the pool on land.
  • Swimming strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  • The metabolism is boosted by the temperature difference in the water.
  • Those who swim burn a lot of calories. The information on this varies. Half an hour in the swimming pool, for example, is equivalent to around an hour of fitness training on land. The reason for this is, among other things, the water resistance and the adaptation of the body to the water temperature. A lot of energy has to be expended to regulate body temperature.

Swimming as a complement to other sports

Yes, Felix Neureuther does it too: the ski star swims. In the preparation for the season and also during the competition phase. Because the sport is suitable on the one hand to build up fitness, so it makes you fit for the slopes, and is a varied alternative to jogging or the gym. On the other hand, swimming can also be used as a regeneration and balance.

Among other things, Neureuther trains the upper body and torso stability specifically in the crawl swimming - he needs both for good technique on the slopes and to prevent injuries.

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