Is a threesome overrated

Men's column "Sex times honestly!": The guys from "Beste Freundinnen" about threesomes - overrated?

Max: "I almost imagine it a little too stressful before satisfying two women. Did you ever feel overwhelmed during sex later? "

Jacob: "Well, I'm someone who doesn't really like licking at a one-night stand. For me personally, that belongs more to a long-term relationship. And so I had my two hands and my penis - my options were limited. Accordingly, it was it is more likely slightly overwhelming than this horny thing you imagine. And of course the intimacy that arises in two was missing. But still it was cool. "

Max: "And did the three of you have breakfast the next morning?"

Jacob: "Nah. The two stayed until the morning, but then I said goodbye like I always do after a one-night stand: Hug - without a kiss. Just twice."

Max: "The crazy thing is: sex with two women is that ultimate male fantasy. In practice, however, it usually looks like the women are planning the thing, and if you're very lucky, as a man you just happen to come across it. "

Jacob: "Yes exactly, the Lucky Shot! The top sex fantasy for men - or at least for me - is a threesome but only in this formation: two women and one guy. If another guy is there, he is Threesome too cock overloaded and automatically has a homoerotic component that many men do not admit to themselves. I think every man is gay to a certain extent, but hardly anyone thinks about that. And then it quickly becomes cramped. "