Should there be killing shelters

Emergency accommodation in Berlin-Tempelhof : Refugees are said to have spoken about the killing of Christian roommates

A resident of the emergency shelter on Airlift Square informed the police on Wednesday afternoon after overhearing a conversation between several men in the shower. According to the witness, the men were talking about how to kill Iranian fellow residents of Christian faith.

The police state security was switched on immediately. It must be determined what is true of the testimony of the witness. One of the men who spoke in the shower has already been found: It is a 19-year-old man from Afghanistan. "We are investigating according to Section 30 of the Criminal Code, attempting to participate," said a police spokesman.

It was only recently that it became public that an attack on Christian refugees in the emergency shelter had apparently already occurred in mid-February.

In the emergency shelter, there are apparently repeated clashes between refugees and security guards.

Henkel: No protection for violent criminals

Interior Senator Frank Henkel (CDU) commented on the religious conflicts in the accommodation on Wednesday. "As a society we must not allow religious zealots to set fire to something. It is completely unacceptable that these violent criminals pretend to need our protection and are obviously perpetrators and not victims," ​​Henkel wrote. Violent religious criminals did not deserve Germany's protection, according to Henkel. These people are "not part of our German welcoming culture."

Opposition: Accommodation is to blame for conflict

Refugee politicians from the Greens, the Left and the Pirates pleaded in unison to wait for the result of the investigation by the police state security. Should a criminal relevance arise, the perpetrators would have to be prosecuted.

Both Elke Breitenbach (left) and Canan Bayram (green) pointed out that it was primarily the difficult life situation in the mass camp that caused conflicts among the refugees.

"Emergency shelters are a disaster and Tempelhof is the sad climax," said Breitenbach, social policy spokeswoman for the Left. The conflicts were triggered by the "wretched conditions" in the halls, and "decent accommodation is needed". Breitenbach pointed out that there was a list of 40 objects that could be prepared as accommodation.

Canan Bayram (Greens) said that there are interreligious conflicts in all refugee shelters - "but not only between Christians and Muslims, but also between Sunnis and Shiites." In other accommodations, however, coexistence usually works well.

"It is the spatial confinement that causes stress and conflicts among the refugees. This is then released in the religious", said the refugee policy spokeswoman for the Greens. However, Bayram does not think it makes sense to separate refugees according to religion: "If we start with that, we will lose on the subject of integration and diversity."

In each of the halls at Tempelhof Airport, twelve people live side by side in boxes of just 25 square meters. However, according to Bayram, one must also see that many refugees would be threatened with homelessness if the emergency shelters did not exist.

Pirates: Don't quarter more refugees

Fabio Reinhardt (pirates) was "horrified" by the incident. However, one must first let the investigators do their work until one can make a political judgment. "If that's true, then it's a completely different league than the conflicts that otherwise arise in the accommodations. It's another component of the picture that you get from this mass accommodation," says Reinhardt.

Reinhardt called on the Senate to refrain from plans to expand the emergency shelter: "If the number of residents is tripled to 7,000 people, the conflicts will certainly not decrease." To this day, according to Reinhardt, there is "no real security concept" for the emergency shelter.

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