What are teaching skills

Technical and methodological competence

Teaching ability: Ability to successfully impart knowledge and experience to others

Concept of competence:

Passes on knowledge in teaching processes at a high didactic level and has the appropriate technical and methodical knowledge for this
Learn socially and view this as part of your own teaching ability; always regards teaching processes as processes of social communication and change
Assess yourself critically, reflect on your own teaching process and have the necessary criteria for a critical self-assessment
Uses your own teaching skills for work and company success


Teaching ability describes the ability to have technical and methodical knowledge at a high level and to communicate it in teaching-learning processes and subsequently to be able to evaluate the success of this social communication.
Good teaching ability always requires the ability to learn: Social learning is part of one's own teaching ability. Each learner needs his own "approach" - with each of them the teacher learns (as quickly and intuitively as possible) how this must be "taken" in order to achieve the best possible learning success. Social-communicative learning is therefore a prerequisite for teaching success. What goes on between teacher and learner ultimately eludes categorization. Good teaching ability is just as important for work and company success as the existing knowledge and, like this, must be developed, managed and assessed according to criteria to be developed. Qualities such as self-control, maturity through probation and role model effect of the teacher are also included.

Competence exaggerations:

Behaves strongly "lecturing", instructing and distant ...