How well does borax work against ants

Killing ants with borax

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    Prepare your ingredients. You will need two simple ingredients: borax and sugar. The adult ants will not eat the solid poison, but they will carry it into the nest for the larvae to eat.[2]

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    Mix three parts sugar with one part borax.Empty the borax and sugar into a jar and stir with a spoon or fork until well mixed. How much of the borax and sugar mixture you are going to use will depend on how bad your ant problem is. Make sure the mixture has a ratio of one part borax to three parts sugar.
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    Sprinkle the powder along the ant route. If the ants get inside your house through the windows and doors, sprinkle the powder over the doorstep or window ledge. The ants will pick up the powder and carry it back to the nest for the larvae to eat. The borax contained in the powder will kill the larvae.


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    If possible, use an atomizer to apply the borax in a very fine layer. To be effective, the insects must be covered in the borax and carry it around with them. When the ants can see it, they just walk around and never come in contact with it.

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    Sprinkle the powder over possible accesses. While you are trying to deal with your ant problem, it might also be a good idea to block other possible access routes, such as doors and windows. This will prevent the ants from finding other ways into your home.

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    Also consider whether you want to plug the ant's nest. If you can see where the ants are coming from, you can plug the hole with some epoxy putty or other sealant. This will prevent the ants from getting back inside. Do this after you've killed all of the ants, not before.

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    Store unused ant killer properly. If you have anything left of your mixture, pour it into a tightly closed container and label it. Be sure to store it in a place that children and pets cannot get to. Borax is very poisonous, even to humans and animals.