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A headline, a title is not yet an issue! At least not if the title only describes the item or the item field that is to be processed.

One topic indicates more, namely:

  • under what point of view the subject named in the title is to be dealt with.

A title that not only names an object, but also indicates the treatment of the object's content, would be a theme formulate. So with the subject is that Subject named and the substantive focus in the treatment of the subjectoutlined. Normally the titles of scientific papers should formulate a topic and not just name an object.

Title or topic designation and the actual topic to be treated are not the same. Getting clarity about the topic is different from naming a topic or getting the title of a work. Perhaps during the processing time it turns out that the title gave you completely wrong ideas about the subject matter of your work, and now you have to write on a very different topic than what you had in mind. This can suddenly remove the basis of your entire work planning. In order not to get into such a situation in the first place, you should never be satisfied with just knowing the name of the topic for a long time without clarifying whether you have the right ideas about the subject and the substantive focus. That means in plain language: Never put off starting work; prefer to start work immediately and interrupt it later if other tasks are urgent. Because only when you begin to deal with your subject will you gain clarity about your topic. And that includes getting a manageable one as early as possible Focus Of your topic.