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The German states have been actively involved in development policy for 55 years. As a pioneer, the former Hessian Prime Minister Georg August Zinn was committed to building an efficient administration in Ghana as early as the 1950s. But also the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Willy Brandt, or z. For example, the Prime Ministers Johannes Rau, Lothar Späth and Bernhard Vogel as well as the Mayors of Bremen, Hans Koschnik and Henning Scherf have repeatedly given new impetus to the development policy of the federal states. The joint resolutions of the federal states in the Prime Minister's Conferences follow this tradition. The current chairmanship is held by Berlin, Governing Mayor Michael Müller.

Global responsibility is taken locally - in this sense, the countries maintain partnerships, provide development information and educational work, and promote civic engagement for “One World”. The German states rely on the opportunities of a development policy that puts sustainable development in the foreground.

The portal "German Länder in Development Policy" presents the development policy goals and activities of the Länder. It opens up a view of the diverse commitment of the German states and their will to shape politics. The portal offers points of contact for everyone who wants to become active themselves and make a contribution.

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