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There are many literary forms, commonly of the three genres Epic, lyric and drama be assigned. In this text we explain what the Epic has to do with and what Text types are to be assigned to this genus.

What does epic - definition

The epic will too narrative literature called and includes narratives in verse or prose form.

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The names "Epic" and "epic" are based on the Greek term "epikos", the adjective for epic.

The ancient Greek epic was a voluminous narrative poetry of verse and sophisticated language intended for public discourse. The epics Illiasand Odysseywere of Homer written and are considered the beginning of the occidental epic tradition. In German literary history, the epics appear with the Nibelungenlied and the Knight Horses first in the foreground.

The more broadly defined definition of epic today relates to theirs narrative character

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Epic = narrative literature in verse or prose form

The epic is therefore a collective term for all forms narrative poetry.

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Narrative poetry is often referred to as narrative poetry.

Forms of epic

The epic literature is further distinguished on the basis of the language, the narrative perspectives used, certain structures and the different scope or length of the works. The length of works leads to the following distinction:

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Epic small forms: Fairy tale, saga / legend, fable, parable / allegory, calendar story, Schwank, anecdote and short story

Medium epic forms: Novella, narrative

Largest Epic Forms: Roman and all its manifestations

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The narrator in the epic

A key feature that distinguishes epic from all other literary genres is that teller or. the narrator. The narrator is one fictionalpersonthat is invented by the author to present the story. He chooses one Narrative form (He / she form, first-person narrator with experiencing self or narrating self), a Narrative behavior (authorial, personal, neutral narrator), one Narrative location (spatial distance, proximity) and one Narrative perspective (Outside view, inside view). Also becomes a certain Narrative attitude (distant, skeptical, etc.) that provides information about the narrator's attitude to the narrated events and the people.

The narrative technique of the epic

The basic form of storytelling is that Narrative report, in which the narrator turns to the plot and the characters and communicates his actual narrative object himself. As an authoritative narrator, he can incorporate his own reflections and considerations as well as comments. In the direct speech the narrator lets his characters speak, for example, in dialogues (scenic narration), which he in the indirect speech can also summarize. With the technology of the Stream of Consciousness unfiltered scraps of thought, perceptions and sensations are strung together, which are reproduced as an inner monologue in the first person or in the experienced speech in the he / she form.

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The stream of consciousness will too stream of consciousness called.

Events, story and plot of the epic

The epic story is fiction.

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Fiction means something imagined or imagined, something that only exists in the imagination.

It is irrelevant where the events with their locations and characters are taken from. So the material can come from reality, as in Effi Briestis the case or from the author's own life situations, which are worked out imaginatively. On this basis, the author can build his fictional world, which, however, must not be confused with the real world.

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