How strong is Whis in DBS

Is Jiren stronger than a god of destruction?

The answer to this question would be a yes and a no.

  • First of all, it must be noted that all gods of destruction are equally strong. In the anime, it was discovered by Vados that Beerus was stronger than Champa, and shortly before the tournament, Whis stated that wormwood may be stronger than Beerus, even though Beerus said he only lost one wrestling match.
  • Even in the manga, when we see the exhibition game, we see that Beerus is able to fight multiple gods of destruction at the same time, and he was the last two standing along with Quitella (it must be noted here, too, that in The Manga there is Quitella the fighter who defeated Beerus in arm wrestling. Wormwood didn't seem that hurt by the end of the fight either.
  • According to Jiren's official description, he is on the level of a god of destruction. While Jiren effortlessly dumped the ghost bomb in the anime, Whis has established that Jiren is as strong as a god of destruction, or possibly even stronger than his. From this we can conclude that Jiren> = is wormwood, definitely not much stronger, but it is actually possible that it is stronger.
  • There are multiple gods of destruction at the same time, and Jiren may not be stronger than the strongest god of destruction in the entire multiverse.
  • I think the best way to represent Jiren's power is to realize that she is at the level of a God of Destruction. Just as we see that Champa can hold out against Beerus even though Beerus is stronger, Jiren could easily hold up against the stronger God of Destruction across the Multiverse as well.