What is the 120dB movement about

120 decibels: the right answer to #MeToo

The pain threshold for the human ear is at a volume of 120 decibels. The volume of the so-called pocket alarm, which is sold to women who want to defend themselves against rape or other attacks on the street, is also set to 120 decibels. "120 decibels" is the name of the new Identitarians' campaign against sexualised violence - only against those perpetrated by refugees.

"I was stabbed to death in Kandel, I was raped in Malmö, I was abused in Rotherham and I was run over in Stockholm," say young women in the campaign's kick-off clip. What all the cases of femicide, sexual abuse and rape mentioned have in common is that the alleged perpetrators did not have a passport from the respective European country and were men who had fled or immigrated to the country.

The clip describes the current situation for European women as dangerous. The women state that they feel in danger of being raped by refugees while jogging in the park and waiting at the bus stop: “The perpetrators are lurking everywhere.” The federal government's migration policy is directly responsible for this risk of rape: “We are not safe because you don't protect us, "says a woman," because you refuse to protect our borders. Because you refuse to control who comes in here. Because you refuse to deport offenders. "

The homepage was registered by Martin Sellner, a well-known identity activist from Vienna. Using the hashtags # 120db or # 120Dezibel, many users are now tweeting about the risk of sexual assault by refugees. Graphics are also used to show BKA statistics on German and non-German sex offenders. The right-wing users are certain: the risk of rape increases blatantly due to immigrants. There is some need for clarification on this thesis: It is necessary to discuss the limits of the informative value of crime statistics, the reporting behavior of those affected by sexual violence and media reporting.

1. The numbers: BKA statistics on sexualised violence

The police crime statistics of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) lists a total of 6,476 men who were reported for sexual assault or rape in 2016 - including 3,964 suspects with a German passport and 2,512 suspects without a German passport. Although the majority are German, the ratio must of course be taken into account: According to the Federal Statistical Office, around 10 million people without a German passport live in Germany, the total population is given as 82.5 million. As far as the number of advertisements is concerned, in percentage terms, significantly more migrants * are reported for sexual offenses than »Germans«. How a right-wing Twitter user comes to 819 reported asylum seekers per million inhabitants, however, remains a mystery: This number is not available from the official statistics.

2. Report behavior in the event of rape

It is now a matter of classifying these numbers correctly. First of all, it is known, especially in the area of ​​sexual violence, that very few cases are reported at all. The last representative study on violence against women was carried out in Germany in 2004. The researchers state that only five percent of women who have experienced sexual violence report it. The informative value of the crime statistics based on reports on the actual number of rape is therefore extremely poor.

In addition, only very specific cases are reported, the Federal Association of Women's Advice Centers and Women's Emergency Calls (bff) makes it clear: "We know: the vast majority of acts of violence against women take place at home, through partners, ex-partners and acquaintances," says Anna Hartmann , "But these attacks are reported much less often than those by perpetrators who are not known to the women." Although so-called "foreign offenders" are in the minority, they appear more frequently in the statistics. The various studies on sexual violence against women show: The cliché of the jogger in the park who is attacked and raped by an evil man from the bushes does not correspond to the vast majority of rape cases that tend to take place in familiar surroundings and at home.

3. Report behavior against non-German perpetrators

According to bff, however, the tendency to report increases if the alleged perpetrator is apparently non-German: "Refugees who are perpetrators are also reported much more often than perpetrators who are attributed to German origins," says Hartmann. Christian Pfeiffer found a similar bias in police crime statistics in his crime study for Lower Saxony. Earlier research by the Lower Saxony Criminological Research Institute on the "dark field" shows that the willingness to report is "about twice as high" if the victim and the perpetrator do not know each other or belong to different ethnic groups, according to the study. According to this, refugees are reported particularly frequently. The researchers referred to the findings of criminologists that, in many cases, crime statistics do not show the actual crime, but only the actions of the police, or those affected against individual offenses or groups of perpetrators, which may vary in intensity.

4. The problem of perception: media reports

In addition to these statistical biases, perception plays a central role in assessing the risk of rape. "Acts by refugee and non-white perpetrators are much more discussed in the media," says bff spokeswoman Hartmann. In fact, there was hardly a woman murder in 2017 that was discussed as much as femicide in Kandel - although the unusually young age of the victim and the perpetrator may have played a role here. It is noteworthy that of the 158 women who were killed by their partner in 2016, hardly a case made it into the national media. The same applies to rape. However, if only cases are reported in which a refugee is the alleged perpetrator, this gives the impression that most femicides and rape are committed by refugees - the 120 decibel clip shows this in its purest form.

How distorted the perception of reality is in the radical right, "Spiegel" has shown in a detailed article on the concept of "Rapefugees". “Anyone who has liked on Facebook pages with names like Heimatliebe.Deutschland, Truth24.net or any AfD local group will soon be staring into a parallel reality, into an abyss,” the authors write: “The social network washes messages overhead every day horrific violent crime and rape on the timeline. Pictures show Arab or African-looking men, women panicked into the camera with someone covering their mouths from behind, or children huddled in the shade. ”The“ Spiegel ”in the article is all on a“ Rapefugee ”card reported cases of sexual violence by asylum seekers. Of the 291 alleged sexual offenses committed by refugees, 95 incidents remained in the end - a total of 51 convictions.

“Violence against women is always wrong. It is also racism, «Hartmann states. 120 decibels is the right attempt to find a racist answer to #MeToo - and to shift responsibility for sexual assault on migrants. The campaign follows the common pattern of abusing feminism from the right, which Cornelia Möhring, spokeswoman for the left-wing parliamentary group in the Bundestag for feminist politics, warns against: »It is unbearable, but unfortunately nothing new, that the right is instrumentalizing the issue of sexual violence to spread their inhuman and racist agitation. "It is not the debate about the origin of the perpetrators that is needed politically," but better and comprehensive prevention programs in schools, more effective prosecution of sexual violence and better funding for women's advice centers. "

The specialist lawyer Christina Clemm also warned in the nd interview against the instrumentalization of the #MeToo problem from the right. According to Clemm, the numbers show that sexual violence is “a problem for society as a whole”. This is shown by representative studies on violence against women - in addition to the aforementioned from 2004, there is only one later large study, the EU study on violence against women from 2014. What women's rights activists have been complaining about for years applies in times of right-wing instrumentalisation the crime statistics all the more: a solid research into the problem of sexual violence is urgently needed.

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