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The library

"The flood is spreading. We have to hurry!"
- 343 Guilty Spark when John-117 hit the index.

The library is the games' seventh campaign mission Halo: fight for the future and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. The Illuminat343 Guilty Spark transported the SPARTAN-II Soldier Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 inside the library on Installation 04. In this he was supposed to find the index for activating halos to neutralize the flood. The index could only be reached via a main elevator on the fourth floor. On the way there, the Flood, which had already invaded the library, tried to stop the Master Chief. He finally made it to the main lift and secured the index. Guilty Spark then transported her to the Halos control room.

Plot [edit | Edit source]

The library [edit | Edit source]

After the Illuminat 343 Guilty Spark transported the Master Chief inside the library, he explained that the index was needed to activate Installation 04 and thus neutralize the Flood. Shortly thereafter, the first flood units appeared. These seem to have penetrated the complex and are spreading through the ventilation shafts. When the first enemies have been neutralized, the Master Chief comes to the edge of a large shaft. The index was kept in an energy field at the bottom. To reach the index, the Master Chief had to use the main elevator. On the way, the Master Chief comes across a locked security door. 343 It took Guilty Spark some time to bypass the security systems while more flood units attacked the Master Chief. Finally the door opens and he reaches an elevator that takes him to the second floor.

Wait, it's getting worse! Edit source]

John-117 once again has to hold its own against large crowds of flood units as the Illuminat opens more doors. 343 Guilty Spark gives the Master Chief some background on the Flood's propagation strategy. Among other things, that these act like a virus in that the form of infection rewrites the genetic code of the host so that it can produce other forms of infection. Ultimately, the Master Chief neutralizes the flood units on this floor, sometimes with the support of guards, and thus gets to the third floor.

But I don't want to take the elevator! Edit source]

Once there, the picture is the same as on the previous two floors. The Illuminat also explains to the Master Chief that the library is a storage location for "flood samples". These were kept for study purposes after the last outbreak, which could only be stopped by mass sterilization. A few more fights, the chief reaches the last elevator to the fourth floor.

Fourth floor: tools, weapons, keys for super weapons [edit | Edit source]

The Master Chief is attacked by enemies as soon as he leaves the elevator. With the help of guards, he gets to the last security door, behind which the main lift is located. After the Illuminat opens this, the last flood units placed themselves between the Master Chief and the Index. After these have been neutralized, the Master Chief drives to the index using the main lift and secures it. 343 Guilty Spark then takes him and transports both himself and John to Halo's control room.

Gameplay [edit | Edit source]

Level design [edit | Edit source]

The seventh chapter of the campaign, like the previous one, has a very dark atmosphere. The player has to assert himself, most of the time alone, against the huge number of flood units. The Illuminat 343 Guilty Spark is always close by, but only helps him indirectly in combat by opening the massive security doors. The corridors and the interior design of the different floors always look pretty much the same and the player can lose the overview one or the other time in a battle. In this case, the Illuminat serves as a kind of guide.
When fighting the Flood, there are a few tactics that should be considered for this chapter as well. The flood units often try to hit the player in the back or in the flank. He should definitely keep an eye on the movement radar, as this shows the player where opponents are. Accumulations of forms of infection could be irritating, as these are displayed on the radar like larger units. Often times, the player has to fight multiple waves of flood units, including when the Illuminate opens a door. In this situation it is important to get into a good position from which the player cannot be overrun or flanked. It usually helps to just walk back a little and take cover around the next corner. Although it appears as if an infinite number of enemies are coming out of the ventilation shafts, the number of enemies is fixed. It also helps immensely to neutralize all opponents in an area in order to have a safe retreat point. In short sections he is additionally supported by guards, who are not indestructible and can be destroyed by forms of combat of the Flood. It could also happen that the guards hit the player in battle, especially if he gets too close to the enemy units.

Opponent types [edit | Edit source]

The carrier form is introduced as a further unit of the flood, which does not carry out any direct attacks, but instead carries forms of infection. In order to distribute these, the carrier forms destroy themselves when they are close enough to the player. The destruction in the form of an explosion can also be brought about by the player. To do this, he has to fire a few shots at the carrier form. If the player waits for a good time, the flood form can be used to switch off other flood units. This tactic is best carried out from a distance, for example with the help of a pistol. It should be noted that grenades lying on the ground also explode as a result of the explosion (if possible, always keep a "safe distance") and that weapons with ammunition are distributed in the room or even no longer traceable as a result of the pressure wave. The latter is very annoying as ammunition can be extremely scarce. With the carrier form, as with all flood forms, the player does not allow himself to be overrun. Fighting is easiest when the opponents are kept at a distance and when this is done through melee attacks.

Equipment [edit | Edit source]

The shotgun is also used in this chapter as an important means of combating the flood. This should always be carried by the player and attention should be paid to ammunition. It is important that the player does not become hectic in the battle against the numerically far superior flood units. Precise shooting prevents unnecessary ammunition consumption and the shotgun should only be used at short to medium distances. The pistol can be used for the precise elimination of enemies from a distance. Automatic weapons are extremely effective against large accumulations of forms of infection. If available, explosive weapons or grenades can be used to neutralize larger troops of various flood forms.

Opponent [edit | Edit source]

In this chapter the player has to fight against all flood forms of the game, which are:

  • Form of infection: Small, fast flood unit that does little damage, but attacks in large numbers.
  • Fighting form: Infected person or Alliance unit, partially equipped with weapons of the Marines and the Alliance.
  • Carrier shape: Infected person or alliance unit, which spreads forms of infection into the environment through an explosion.

Equipment [edit | Edit source]

United Nations Space Command Edit source]

  • M6D handgun: Semi-automatic pistol, which is used as a secondary weapon by the UNSC and fires 12.7 mm SRD-HE ammunition.
  • MA5B assault rifle: Automatic assault rifle, which is the standard rifle of the UNSC Marines and shoots with 7.62 mm solid jacket bullets.
  • M90 Mk I shotgun: Short-range weapon that shoots 8-caliber magnum bullets with 3.5 "grain and is very effective at short range.
  • M19 SSM Bazooka: Missile launcher, effective against vehicles, fires 102mm high-explosive anti-tank SPNKr projectiles with an 8-9m explosion radius.
  • M9-HE-DP fragmentation grenade: UNSC standard grenade, effective against infantry and lightly armored vehicles.

Alliance Empire Edit source]

  • Type-25 plasma gun: Semi-automatic pistol that shoots highly heated plasma and has two different fire modes.
  • Type-25 plasma rifle: Automatic rifle that uses ultra-high-temperature plasma as ammunition and uses a battery that cannot be recharged.
  • Type-33 needle launcher: Automatic handgun that fires pink homing projectiles that explode after a certain delay.
  • Type-1 anti-person plasma grenade: Standard grenade of the Alliance, which sticks to any material.

Others [edit | Edit source]

  • First aid pack: Regenerates lost life points once.
  • Shield improvement: Allianz technology that charges the energy shield once to 300 percent.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • Dead Marines can be found all over the library. The reason for this is that 343 Guilty Spark already tried other "reclaimers" to reach the "index".
  • It is worth mentioning the popularity of the level among Halo fans, who found the structure of the level very confusing and were often very often cornered by the flood. In the following, arrows were attached to the floor in the Anniversary Edition and the rooms were better lit.
  • The level is very different from the previous ones and forces players to rethink tactics due to the aggressive and unpredictable nature of the Flood.
  • In the PC version of Halo: Fight for the Future, people joked about whether they wanted to make the level longer.
  • Sometimes the guards shoot at enemies that have already been shot down, similar to the Marines or the Alliance.

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