How can I stay in Canada illegally

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Problems have persisted since the Canadian eTA (meaning) was introduced on September 29, 2016. During the holiday season, the travel plans of an unknown number of people wanting to travel to Canada fell into the water because they were not allowed to fly from Amsterdam to Canada. The problems are often caused by dual nationalities or a permanent resident card for Canada.

Attention: New requirements eTA


The problems related to the eTA are often caused by dual nationalities or a permanent resident card for Canada. According to official regulations - posted on the Government of Canada website - if you are permanent resident in Canada, you only need a valid passport to enter the country. According to the Canadian government, an eTA is then not necessary. At the airport, however, the airline systems may refuse you boarding because a valid eTA is allegedly required. Without a valid eTA, travelers to Canada may be denied travel by airlines.

The solution

It is not possible to travel to Canada on a non-Canadian passport (including a stopover for transit) if you are a Dual Canadian Citizen. You will need a Canadian passport for your trip. So make sure you bring both passports with you when traveling to Canada or planning to return.

What is an eTA?

With an eTA, Germans or Austrians can fly to Canada without a visa. This system was developed by the Canadian authorities to find out exactly who would like to travel to Canada. In addition, the system tries to determine which travelers pose a security risk or who may want to stay illegally in Canada.

Who has to apply for an eTA?

Basically, all non-Canadians traveling to Canada by plane do not require a visa, but an eTA. However, you do not need an eTA if you plan to enter Canada by land or sea. In addition, Canadian nationals, Canadian permanent residents, Americans, and Canadian visa travelers do not need to apply for an eTA as they are exempt from these requirements.

Apply for an eTA

An eTA must be applied for prior to your trip. It takes about five minutes to fill out the eTA application form. After submitting the application, the eTA is usually issued within 15 minutes. Once approved, the eTA is automatically linked to the passport and shared with the airline and Canadian immigration authorities.
Apply for eTA Canada

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