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is barrier-free really barrier-free?

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The red card: You are out of the game, my friend! You are not allowed to play! Who decides that? Who can be a referee? We encounter such situations every day, in which others decide over us and our heads. We are annoyed about it: Am I not an independently thinking individual? Am I not allowed to decide for myself? What do these rulers think of? - We complain about the great: monarchs, politicians, leaders of all kinds. And yet we do not notice that we, too, sometimes have an unfair influence without even noticing it ...

Brief description

Roman Oberlojer's travel and bus company in the Upper Drautal would like to let everyone decide for themselves: People in wheelchairs will be a wonderful experience, which is often raved about and which should have shaped life in a positive way, often made difficult or even completely denied: traveling. This is counteracted with a bus with a lift in the rear or center for easy and quick transportation in and out of the vehicle. The vehicle can accommodate up to 20 wheelchairs, which are firmly and securely fixed to the ground before the journey. Here, too, you can decide for yourself: do I want to stay in the wheelchair or do I prefer to use the seats on the bus? Everyone is their own referee: I decide where to go. Whistle the red card - the journey can begin!


... not only with a wheelchair, no; Even hearing-impaired people are informed in our coach via a specially built "induction system", so people with their hearing aids can be offered the best quality of information.

For visually impaired people, the "bus drivers" are specially trained and are also helpful here!

  • With this offer, people travel "environmentally friendly - cost-saving - economical" in a contemporary way in one vehicle!
  • people with the "e-Rolli" are also taken along!
  • Any additional aids required will still find enough space in the "large" trunk!
  • Whole families, groups, clubs, and support organizations can travel together!



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