What is your hell


God separates people at his judgment: on his right side the good are ready for heaven. Some of the bad guys on his left are already in hell.
Mohammed rides to hell on a visit.

Hell is the opposite of heaven. It is a concept that exists in different religions. Hell is down somewhere. It's dark and terrible there. No one can say with certainty whether hell actually exists.

In Christianity the devil and demons dwell in hell. They are dark beings, a kind of evil spirits. Anyone who has done bad deeds in life and does not believe in God will go to hell forever. A fire is supposed to burn people there all the time, but they still cannot die.

There was also the idea of ​​hell in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. You have to imagine the place just as terrible as hell in Christianity, only the people were tortured in a different way.

There is also a hell in Hinduism and Buddhism. Bad people are tortured there too. However, the time down there also runs out once, then the person is reborn, so he comes back into the world as a baby. If he lives better, he will not go to hell again the next time he dies.

A huge fire burns in the hell of Islam. The souls of the people have to cross a narrow bridge. Whoever is not redeemed by Allah's grace falls down into the fire and must stew there forever.

In the Middle Ages, people in Europe were convinced that there was hell. This is no longer the case today. A survey showed that only about one in three believes in hell. But that differs a lot from one country to another: in the Netherlands around one in ten believes in hell, in Germany around one in seven. In Romania and Poland around every second believer in hell, in Turkey around nine out of ten people believe in hell.

But sometimes the word hell is used without it having anything to do with religion. Then you usually want to use it to describe something particularly terrible. So you compare it to our idea of ​​hell. For example, when you say the war was hell for everyone. Or someone is in terrible pain.

  • This is how a modern artist imagines hell.

  • The idea of ​​fire usually belongs to hell.