Is Jose Mourinho hypocritical

Jose Mourinho: "I'm a good loser!"

Madrid.Jose Mourinho thinks he's a good loser unless he feels his team has been put at a disadvantage. The Real Madrid coach gave an interesting interview with a television station.


Mourinho is ennobled by many experts as the best coach in the world, but his behavior is harshly criticized by others. A trainer between genius and madness? Mourinho insists, however, on the fact that he almost always reacts well to defeats, like in the Champions League out against FC Bayern.

Good loser?

Across from NTVhe said on Thursday: “I'm a good loser! We were sad when we were eliminated from the Champions League, but nothing happened. I only went to the Bayern dressing room to see their bliss. However, it is different when we lose because of something unjust. I can't stand that. "

Football as a lifelong dream

When asked about different ways of his reactions, the Portuguese said: “Maybe I have two personalities, but it depends on the situation. But I am not hypocritical, I like to be honest. I'm so socially shy, so I feel good in football. "

“Football gave me a lot, but it also took a lot. Success in football has been my dream since I was a child and it has given me an economic situation so that I won't have any financial problems for the rest of my life, ”he continued.

Altintop to Galatasaray?

Mourinho also announced that he would like Hamit Altintop to stay. The Turk is about to move to Galatasaray. Mourinho has been at the Estadio Bernabeu since summer 2010 and this year gave his club the long-awaited league title.

Your opinion: What do you think of Mourinho - genius or madness?