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04/28/2021 | Press release no.16

Employee qualification remains at a high level

Demographic change, structural change and digitization make the qualification of employees more and more important. The BA can support the companies through qualification advice, subsidies for course costs and wages.

03.12.2020 | Press release no.53

New pilot project for skilled immigration started

The Federal Employment Agency and DIHK Service GmbH are starting a new project called “Hand in Hand for International Talents” to specifically recruit specialists from Brazil, India and Vietnam for Germany.

02.12.2020 | Press release no.52

2.7 billion euros for participation in the working life of people with disabilities

The Federal Employment Agency is using the International Day of People with Disabilities as an opportunity to promote inclusion in the world of work. In the BA budget for the coming year, 2.7 billion euros are available to support people with disabilities.

02.10.2020 | Press release no.45

30 years of German unity: the labor market in East and West on a rapprochement

30 years after reunification, a lot has happened on the job market. In three eventful decades, this was shaped by the challenges of the turning point, the largest labor market reform in history, and is now currently under the influence of the corona pandemic.

10/01/2020 | Press release no.44

Nationwide pilot project by BA, BAVC and IG BCE - Together for more and better qualifications

The Federal Employment Agency (BA), the Federal Employers' Association for the Chemical Industry (BAVC) and the Mining, Chemical and Energy Industrial Union (IG BCE) are committed to strengthening further training in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in the face of structural change. On the basis of the Qualification Opportunities Act, the BA provides targeted support to employees and employers in the sector in the organization and financing of further training for employees.

09/25/2020 | Press release no.42

Ministerial visit in turbulent times: Hubertus Heil at the Federal Agency in Nuremberg

Minister of Labor Heil held talks with the administrative board, board of directors, the main staff council and employees in order to talk about the special challenges in times of the corona pandemic.

05/15/2020 | Press release no.29

Temporary extension of the period of entitlement to unemployment benefit - further approval takes place automatically

Today, on May 15, 2020, the Bundestag and Bundesrat discussed and passed the Social Protection Package II and thus also decided to extend the unemployment benefit. The law will be published in the Federal Law Gazette next week.

05/05/2020 | Press release no.28

Short-time working allowance is intended to secure jobs - but is not an immediate liquidity aid for companies

Around 750,000 companies have registered short-time work since the beginning of March. Many of these companies are using the tool for the first time. This leads to questions and sometimes uncertainty when it comes to making use of it, as the Federal Employment Agency finds out in many telephone consultations. The topics range from the notification procedure to the transfer of short-time allowance.
This is why you will find answers to frequently asked questions about requirements, procedures and billing for short-time working here.

03/20/2020 | Press release no.14

Very strong increase in short-time work advertisements

The reports of short-time work received by the Federal Employment Agency (BA) due to the current situation have increased rapidly. This is the result of a monitoring in which all employment agencies nationwide were surveyed.

02/24/2020 | Press release No. 9

Access made easier - simply apply for child allowance online now

The child allowance can now be applied for online - quickly and unbureaucratically, at any time and from anywhere. The digitization of this important service facilitates access and thus helps to better support children and to avoid child poverty. Today the Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Dr. Franziska Giffey and the head of the family benefits office, Karsten Bunk, presented the new online application in Berlin. It is an essential component of the overall reform of the child allowance through the Strong Family Act.

04/09/2019 | Press release no.14

Start of the initiative "Hiring counts - attracting employers"

The Federal Employment Agency (BA), the Federal Association of German Employers' Associations (BDA), the Federal Working Group of Integration Offices and Main Welfare Offices (BIH) and the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS) have received the Inclusion Prize for Business on April 9th The starting shot was given in 2019 for the joint initiative “Hiring counts - attracting employers”.

01/28/2019 | Press release No. 6

Integration Commissioner and Federal Employment Agency: "Forcefully promote integration in work"

With a cooperation agreement signed on January 28, 2019, the Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration, Minister of State Annette Widmann-Mauz and Detlef Scheele, Chairman of the Board of the Federal Employment Agency (BA), want to further promote the labor market integration of migrants.