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5 runway trends worn by Emily Cooper

Whether you love it or hate it, the fashion in Netflix's new hit series "Emily in Paris" takes style features straight from the catwalks of Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Co.

Has been since its release earlier this month Emily in Paris by Netflix made headlines for her steamy French love interests, the protagonist, and the closet full of designer clothes a young college graduate shouldn't afford. In the popular series, Lily Collins plays Emily Cooper, a young 20-year-old girl from Chicago who moves to Paris for a job at a marketing company. During season one, her blatant American isms caused friction with her staff, including her keen fashion sense - a departure from the French fondness for black. While her boss may find her over the top, her style certainly has certain something. Here shows L'OFFICIEL the five trends that Emily in Paris took right off the runway.

If there's one French stereotype that all Americans know, it's the beret. The versatile style makes it a nondescript yet chic addition to any look. Emily borrows the "American in Paris" vibe by co-opting the accessory for several ensembles. In this scene, young Ingénue combines a simple red beret with a black and white checked jacket and shorts by Veronica Beard.

The fresh-faced lead gives her winter wardrobe a touch of color in a dazzling light pink coat by Kenzo over a matching pink sweater, skirt, heels and socks. While a head-to-toe monochrome moment isn't for everyone, a sleek pink coat is a must-have on the catwalks.

In episode 5, Emily scares away couture designer and potential customer Pierre Cadault with her Eiffel Tower bag charm, for which he made hers Ringard ("Basic") is called . Emily is not one to accept defeat and finds him playing ballet, where she wins him over by sharing her love of fashion and fashion Gossip Girl confesses . Granted, the bag charm is a 2000s trend that fashion icon Serena Van der Woodsen rocked on the Upper East Side.

Many designers sell bag tags as a feature of their handbags. In fact, Karl Lagerfeld introduced the "Karlito" charm at Fendi's Fall / Winter 2014 show. On newer runways, the Italian luxury house turned an Airpods case into a bag charm, and Versace made its Medusa head emblem one.

After struggling to adapt, Emily manages to forge a French friendship with Camille (the epitome of French girls' fashion). In this checked dress by See by Chloé, actress Camille Razat shows how less can really be more. Big labels like Chanel, Christian Dior and Burberry have found their signature interpretations of the checkerboard pattern that can be found in their runway archives.

No matter where you live, every woman needs a little black dress. In episode 2, Emily dons a strapless black dress by Alexandre Vauthier, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn. The classic silhouette of the dress makes for a timeless look in a scene that solidifies Emily as an enviable lead that the audience can leave behind. The power of an LBD is infinite, which is why it's a staple for Chanel and Marc Jacobs shows.