What is the next generation of Windows

The 10 most important innovations of the next PC generation

The future of the personal computer is bright. Because computers are not only becoming faster, lighter, more energy-efficient and more convenient to use. We'll show you ten PC improvements you can expect in the years to come.

Extra thin Broadwell chip for 2-in-1 computers

Intel's next generation of chipsets, code-named Broadwell, could enable the previously missing balance between maximum performance and the mobility of a notebook for 2-in-1 PCs. The ultra-flat chip also allows a weight of less than 700 grams for 12.5-inch tablets, which will be thinner than the iPad Air.

Despite some delays, according to Intel, the first PCs with Broadwell processors will be on store shelves this winter.

AMD's promise of energy efficiency

Even if Intel claims pole position in terms of energy-efficient laptop-tablet hybrids, AMD wants to offer a similar solution: within the next six years, the processors should be around 25 times more efficient than now. The highlight: Part of the workload should be outsourced to the graphics processor. If AMD succeeds in reconciling its graphics top performers with everyday battery life, the manufacturer might finally be able to keep up in the field of 2-in-1 hybrids.

Intel's wireless PC advance

Wireless charging of a battery and transferring one screen content to another are not really new concepts. But they could become even more important in the future, because Intel has discovered them for itself.

  1. Advantage 2: Multiple screens
    Tablets have exactly one screen. And in most cases it also reflects. Except for Windows 8 tablets, it is also not possible to connect an external monitor and distribute the tablet operating system and associated apps over several screens. Sometimes tablets can be used as external monitors on the PC - whatever the point.

  2. The situation is completely different with a full-fledged PC. Here, the multitasking fireworks described above can be distributed over more than one screen. The user works with several open browser windows while dragging the results from the Excel table on the right screen into the Powerpoint presentation on the left screen. The photo for the presentation is already in the folder on the third screen and is waiting to be processed.
  3. Advantage 4: multimedia processing
    Editing pictures, cutting videos and putting together audio tracks: Of course there is a touch version of iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband on the iPad or the Movie Studio on the Android side Real applications are needed to be able to step on the gas with multimedia content. We're talking about Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and other professional content tools. Only these have functions and the precision tools that make the professional or serious amateur stand out from the smack of tablet fingers. Mouse operation and a large screen clearly paint a better picture here.
  4. Advantage 5: Working on mammoth calculators
    Working with extensive Excel spreadsheets on the PC is no picnic. But should you really make life so difficult for yourself by entering data and formulas into the cells with your finger and digging through umpteen rows and rows of numbers with your own stylus? Only masochists answer this question with 'yes'.

  5. The same applies to texts. Few of us are novelists. Nevertheless, it is likely that a longer text is pending every now and then. Woe to anyone who has to write this using the touch-sensitive software keyboard on the tablet. Even with the Bluetooth keyboard, entering longer passages is not easy. Glad if you have a full-blown PC keyboard in front of you in such a situation - with a numeric keypad and control arrows, of course.
  6. The real gaming experience
    There is a reason why Angry Birds is considered the tablet game: The flat-panel computers cannot run games that go beyond the level of a Mario Brothers game from the 1990s in terms of graphics. For computationally intensive 3D graphics, demanding physics engines, hordes of players and all other design elements that only run smoothly with a desktop CPU and dedicated graphics cards, full-blown PCs are required.

  7. After all: The tablet Generation with a revised Haswell chip should also bring better graphics performance for gamers. But whether that is enough to play Crysis 3 at the highest level can justifiably be doubted.