Why is Steven Gerrard very underrated

Gerrard on the break in Istanbul: Benitez came in and said: Traoré is in the shower, Hamann in the square. We've never played like this before, but we have a plan

Ex-Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard remembered on the 15th birthday of the Champions League final against AC Milan (3: 3, 4: 2 on penalties) how the merseysiders turned the game.

"I was overjoyed but couldn't find the right words. It seemed impossible that we could score three goals from this Milan defense. Rafa spoke quickly to Paco. The last Milan goal was scored just before half-time, which shows our situation deteriorated.

Maybe you can do a few tricks at 2-0, but it took something radical to save us. Rafa always has a plan, but I can't imagine he foreseen something like this. He had to think quickly.

When Rafa entered the locker room, he said: "Quiet. Traoré-in the shower, didi-in the three from behind". He wanted Didi and Xabi to deal with Kaka, and I and Luis tried to play with Pirlo. He wanted Seedorf to go backwards too. The scheme has become more like a 3-4-2-1. We didn't play it before, but Rafa's determination cheered us up because we at least had a plan.

I wanted to show the fans that the players are there and that we haven't given up either. I scored the goal instinctively - I aimed for accuracy and not power because the cross was very good.

Milan started the second half very well and because of that I think a little bit of complacency has entered your game. Your passing game wasn't as accurate as it was in the first half and you stopped countering at the same pace. With Didi behind me, it became easier to keep the ball in midfield and move on across the field, "said Gerrard.

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