Which states have democratic governors?

United States: Trump continues campaign against Democratic governors

The dispute between Donald Trump and the democratically run states over how to deal with the corona crisis is coming to a head. On Sunday (local time), the US President asked the governors to carry out extensive corona tests in order to be able to restart the economy. Some of them had decided on strict exit restrictions in order to slow the spread of the virus - not least because there is also a lack of test kits in the USA.

Trump nevertheless urged the states to carry out quick tests in order to be able to relax the restrictions on the economy and public life. "The governors have to do more and do their job," demanded the president in the short message service Twitter. The necessary funds are available there, seconded Vice President Mike Pence on Fox News.


Several governors of the Democratic Party firmly denied this: The governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, called the information from Washington "delusional" and "irresponsible". Trump calls on the states "to wage war without us having the necessary material," he told CNN. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer also complained about a lack of tests.

Exit restrictions currently apply in around 40 of the 50 US states. Individuals began with a relaxation: In Florida, the first beaches opened at the weekend. In Texas and Vermont, parts of public life were restarted from Monday.

Further protests against restrictions

Because, especially among Trump supporters, there is now loud resentment about the restrictions. In Olympia, Washington state, around 2,000 people took to the streets at the weekend, holding up US flags that read: "Don't trample on me". Previously, hundreds of people in several cities had protested against the requirements. There were protests in many other cities, including Dallas.

They were cheered on by the Republican Trump himself, who fears his re-election in November due to rapidly rising unemployment and a growing number of struggling US companies. On Friday he called for the "liberation" of the democratically ruled states of Minnesota, Michigan and Virginia in an election campaign fashion. The majority of US citizens, on the other hand, fear, according to a recent survey, that the corona restrictions could be lifted too early.

Many do not trust the president's crisis management team after Trump had long downplayed the threat posed by the virus and assured him that the situation in the US was under control. He later switched to the line of other countries, had aid programs worth billions and demanded massive corona protective measures. At the same time, he urges their rapid relaxation.

New York has passed the height of the crisis

Meanwhile, the first positive signals came from the particularly affected state of New York. According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, the peak of the crisis has passed for the time being. "We have passed the high point and all signs are currently pointing to the curve going down," said Cuomo. But it is not the time to become "presumptuous" or "arrogant", he warned.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, more than 40,500 people have died from the novel coronavirus in the United States, which is by far the highest number in the world. Accordingly, the number of cases of infection increased to more than 740,000. New York is the epicenter of the epidemic in the US, with nearly half of all deaths. The strict curfew is in effect until May 15th. (apa, afp)