How do I replace a deadbolt lock

Secure apartment door - burglary protection: alternative solutions?

There are many ways to deter burglars with quick conversions. For example with armored bolt lock, cross bolt lock, rod lock, window lock, security lock cylinder, etc. I've already had experience with this ***************************** ********************* made because my apartment had already been broken into before I moved in and some traces of burglary were still visible on the door. They quickly mended and repaired them. Then an armored bolt lock, which is particularly suitable for old building doors like mine, was installed. I think burglars will think twice about entering this apartment in the future, especially since there should now be enough unprotected places nearby since my apartment door was pimped open. Just inquire, the website actually says everything you can do about burglary protection. Have fun browsing. But I'm afraid that with such a ramshackle door you might lose some options, as you already mentioned. Inquire if the door could be repaired enough to give you more options to put locks on again.

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P.S don't know where you live, but the one I'm talking about works in Berlin.

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