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Cut back old Christmas cactus to rejuvenate

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1 Fritz Inäbnit (guest)

Comment on Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera)


I have a Christmas cactus. And I think it's around 10 to 15 years old, I received it from my father when my mother died.

I want to cut back the plant because it is very large.
I transplanted them into a large pot last year and put them in Seramis at the same time.

And because the plant is very important to me and I don't want to go wrong. I ask you when is the best time to cut back? and what to watch out for.

Thank you very much for your answer. And best regards Fritz Inäbnit
I also wish you happy and relaxing Easter holidays.

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2Garden database team

1. When to cut? - Best time:

Now, in spring, is the ideal time as they will soon sprout again.
However, pruning is usually possible all year round without damaging the plants.

2. How to cut? Best Methods:

2.1. Shorten, trim
In a vital Christmas cactus, the shoots can be shortened to almost any degree by simply twisting them off between two limbs with your fingers. The more lignified the plant is at the bottom, the less radical you are when pruning, i.e. you cut back less deeply (not into the old wood) and spread the cut over several years if necessary.

2.2. Thin out
In the case of very dense Christmas cacti, you can also remove entire shoots directly from the base to thin out. Then light comes back into the interior of the plants, and if the remaining shoots are not yet * too * corked, they will then also sprout fresh from the very bottom. But you do this very carefully or moderately so as not to disfigure the plants.

3. How many years old can a Christmas cactus be? - Lifespan, age

Regular thinning out, ideally from the beginning, of course, can delay the aging of the plants for a very long time, and it often takes well over 30 years for a Christmas cactus to exhaust itself.

Even then you can save him and thus basically let him live forever by throwing his instincts into the "fountain of youth":

Half-lignified or green shoots (of any length, also branched and with buds or flowers at the top) simply place them in a vase with water, they usually take root immediately and at any time of the year, just as easily as, for example, flowering branches of the hydrangea, a fat chicken Bouquet or also Corkscrew willow Branches.

With best regards
Mario Eichstädt, team

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