Why do I love blondes

(Lásky jedné plavovlásky)

A pretty blonde factory worker spends the night with a pianist. When she traveled to Prague after him - deeply in love - and turned up at his parents' home unannounced, everyone was horrified. He sees herself trapped, she feels betrayed and the parents notice both sides one after the other - so that in the end no one knows what to think.
«Forman's second film is a little gem. The story is almost classic because of its simplicity (...). Much of Forman's humor stems from the fact that the characters stare out into the world like shy nocturnal animals, always ready to defend themselves, constantly losing ground to discover that people are never what they are seem at first glance. Forman mostly uses amateur actors, lets them improvise, then refines, shapes and perfects everything and thus achieves something indescribably precise, touching and funny. " (Tom Milne, Time Out Film Guide)

Script: Miloš Forman, Jaroslav Papoušek, Ivan Passer, Václav Sasek
Camera: Miroslav Ondříček
Music: Evžen Illín
Cut: Miroslav Hajek

With: Jana Brejchová (Andula), Vladimír Pucholt (Milda Vašata), Vladimír Menšík (Vacovský), Ivan Kheil (Maňas), Jiří Hrubý (Burda), Josef Šebánek (Milda's father), Milada Ježková (Milda's mother), Josef Kolb (Pokorný) , Marie Salačová (Marie), Jana Nováková (Jana), Jarka Crkalová (Jaruška)

85 min., Sw, DCP, Tsch / d