Why is Bumble so popular

Bumble put to the test (2021): Tinder for lazy men and brisk women


Bumble in the test: The dating app is similar to Tinder, but makes changes to the concept. Is that how it flirts better? These are our experiences.

Bumble in the test

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The better tinder

At first glance, Bumble just looks like another Tinder clone. In use, however, it quickly becomes apparent that the app has cleverly expanded the Tinder principle. Anyone looking for a serious relationship via the app and not the quick number is much better off with Bumble than with Tinder.

We liked that

  • Women have to write first
  • extensive search criteria
  • Video telephony possible without exchanging telephone numbers

We didn't like that

  • few users left
  • Operation is not always intuitive

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  1. This is how Bumble differs from Tinder
  2. This is how the registration works
  3. Bumble has more features than Tinder
  4. Free flirting is possible at Bumble
  5. Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz: More Than Dating
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  7. Conclusion & alternatives

Since Tinder reinvented online dating a few years ago, more and more flirt apps have come onto the market and try to differentiate themselves from the original with sometimes bizarre concepts. So you can let your best friend read along in the chat at Boompi and get support in choosing a partner. With Candidate you first have to clear your way to the flirt chat in a quiz. Bumble, on the other hand, works like the original.

You sign up and then swipe through a pile of photos of potential flirtations. With a swipe to the right signals your interest, with a swipe to the left you reject the flirt offer. If both sides show interest in each other, you don't have a "match", but a new "bee in your basket". An event that the app informs you about via push message.

This is how Bumble differs from Tinder

The similarities to Tinder are no accident. Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe also co-founded the well-known dating app, but left Tinder in an argument and even accused a former colleague of sexual harassment. Your negative experiences at Tinder may also have shaped the concept of Bumble. The process of getting to know each other is similar to that of Tinder. There are blatant differences, however. While on Tinder you can start a chat immediately after a match, on Bumble this is only possible for women. Exceptions apply to same-sex matches and the "BFF" mode.

Bumble: How the Tinder Clone Dating App Works with Advantage for Women

With Bumble you can date like on Tinder and also find new friends and business contacts. Netzwelt introduces you to the dating app with women advantage.

She has to write to the man within 24 hours after both sides have shown interest in each other and he has to reply to her within 24 hours. Otherwise the match is forfeited. In this context, one could also speak of two-factor authentication for online dates. Women who do not have the right flirtation line to contact receive support from the app. For example, instead of a "Hi", it is suggested to start a conversation with a question like "Which app could you not do without?" to start.

The Bumble concept sounds a bit bulky at first, but it turns out to be quite useful in the practical test. At Bumble, women are not flooded with hundreds of messages from interested men, but can consciously decide to talk to interesting candidates and men do not have to take the first step for a change, but can lean back. In our experience, serious contacts are much more common with Bumble than with Tinder.

Bumble in the test: This is how the registration works

You can register with Bumble via the app. This is available for free download for iOS and Android. Alternatively, registration via the website is also possible. A mobile phone number, Apple or Facebook account is required to register. Similar to Tinder, Bumble filters out fake profiles relatively successfully. In addition, Bumble offers you to verify your profile. You have to perform certain gestures in front of the camera of your cell phone to prove that you are human. As a verified user, you can also ask your matches to be verified. If this is rejected, the match is forfeited. This is useful if you have doubts about a profile as to whether it is really a real person.

You can upload profile photos from your mobile phone, take them directly from your smartphone camera or import them from Facebook. In addition, Bumble allows you to provide significantly more information about yourself in your profile than Tinder. You can indicate your size and zodiac sign or comment on the subject of "children", "smoking" and "drinking alcohol". You can also describe yourself by answering "either, or" questions. Are you more of the "Netflix" type or more of the "Nightclub" type? 'Give it away in your Bumble profile.

Bumble in the test: offers more functions than Tinder

While Tinder only allows you to limit the search for a partner in terms of age and distance, you can specify other criteria on Bumble - for example, whether your partner should be non-smoker and at least 1.70 meters tall. In comparison, only Finya offers more choice. In the chat, Bumble also allows you to send pictures to the flirt partner, this is not possible with Tinder. Since June 2019 you can also start a video call or a Voice-over-IP call in the chat. So you can get to know your flirt partner better without having to exchange phone numbers.


Bumble is a social network for new business contacts, for finding new friends for leisure activities and for singles as a dating site.

Bumble in the test: free flirting? Yes!

What I like is that you can use Bumble completely for free. If you wish, you can buy various comfort features - such as the SuperSwipe, the travel mode or the spotlight function. For this you need so-called coins, which you can purchase in the app. In our test, the prices ranged between 2 and 35 euros, depending on the amount of coins that we wanted to purchase at the same time. Payment is made by credit card, PayPal, Google Wallet or instant transfer.

In addition, with "Bumble Boost" and "Bumble Premium", Bumble also offers two subscription models that offer you the following advantages:

Bumble BoostBumble Premium *
Undo swipeUndo swipe
Unlimited swipesGive matches more time to write letters
activate Spotlight onceSee who has liked you
5 SuperSwipes per weekRenew expired matches
Give matches more time to write lettersUnlimited swipes
5 SuperSwipes per week
Activate Spotlight once a week
Travel mode
* Bumble Premium is currently only available for selection on iOS devices
Bumble Boost vs. Bumble Premium

However, it should also be said that Bumble has made some features chargeable in the past few months that were previously available free of charge - for example the possibility of retrieving an accidental match. This used to be possible up to three times a day, but now you have to pay money for the undo button like with Tinder.

There is a like restriction, but you often don't notice that. Because the number of users in the area is usually too low for this. Compared to the previous year, the number of members at Bumble has increased significantly. However, the portal does not yet show the level of awareness and the number of users of Tinder. In rural areas in particular, the area needs to be expanded significantly. In big cities this is no longer absolutely necessary.

Bumble put to the test: Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz - More than dating

Another advantage of Bumble over Tinder: Allocated users can swipe to their hearts' content here. Because with "Bumble BFF" and "Bumble Bizz" the dating app also offers two modes in which it is explicitly not about dating, instead you can search for friends or business partners with a swipe of your finger. We left out these two modes in the test.

But they don't differ that much from the date mode, the only exceptions: You can only look for same-sex friends and both can take the first step.

We also noticed that

Complicated operations are not uncommon with Bumble. To look at a picture in the chat, you have to hold your thumb down on it. It's not intuitive, but you get used to it.


Editor's rating 9.0 Reader ratings
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Bumble: The best alternatives

Don't you agree? Are you looking for suitable alternatives? Below are the best Bumble alternatives.

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Bumble: data sheet

Here you can find the technical data for Bumble. You can easily compare size, weight and other properties with other products.

Registration for free✔ Yes
Free use possible✔ Yes
Premium features can be booked✔ Yes
Means of payment Credit card, PayPal, Google Wallet or Sofortüberweisung.
advertising✔ Yes
Members not specified
Number of downloads (Android) 10 million
Partner proposals based on Distance, filtering (size)
What is wanted? Friendship, flirt / relationship, business contacts
Telephone calls or video chats possible on the platform?✔ Yes
verified profiles Yes, but no compulsion
Specialty Women have to take the first step