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Banana or cone? What the shape of his penis reveals about its qualities

Yes, there are similarities when it comes to a man's penis too. And we're not necessarily just talking about the length, dear men, but also about its shape. There are actually different types of penis - to be precise, five types.

Is it total nonsense to worry about the shape of the penis? Well, not really, because the shape of his good piece affects the sex you have with him. For every penis shape there are a few things that work very well during sex and some that are rather suboptimal. In this case, knowledge is not power, but fun.

Which different models are hidden behind male slits, which characteristics have which type and which positions of the Kamasutra work best with which model? Here is a little 'penis typology' for you:

1. No sham: the straight penis

Most common. The penis is completely straight - from top to bottom.

  • Per: Due to its constant width, this shape is perfect for sex through the back door. This penis shape is also ideal for "normal" sex, because the vagina is stimulated evenly due to its constant width.
  • Cons: If the straight penis is rather long, this shape can cause pain when penetrating deeply. So it's best to go in slowly and enjoy.

2. Pisa is hot: the crooked penis

The second most common form is the crooked penis. A slight curvature is completely normal here and does not limit it in any way. On the contrary: this guy can give a lot of pleasure ...

  • Per: Thanks to its shape, it is perfect for reaching the G-spot and is therefore ideal for female orgasm. The curvature fits the various positions of the Kamasutra. If it is curved upwards, the missionary position is perfect; if it is curved to the side, the spoon position. If it tends to curve downwards, you should test doggy style.
  • Cons: Due to the degree of curvature, some positions can be painful. In addition, he is not the top line-up for anal sex, as penetration can be a bit more complicated due to the curvature. Lubricants can help here.

3. All nine: the conical penis

The cone-shaped penis has a wide shaft that tapers towards the top. It is narrowest at the tip, i.e. the glans.

  • Per: Due to its shape, penetration with the cone type is particularly easy, because it is narrow at the top and only then becomes wider. This makes it perfect for various positions, for example doggy style, the spoon, the cowgirl (see above) and all those positions that are usually recommended for a rather small penis, so that the greatest possible depth is guaranteed.
  • Cons: Unfortunately, this type also has a disadvantage for women: the G-spot is difficult to reach because the glans is the narrowest part of the penis. The owner of a cone has to try a little more and be more skilled than other men. The blow job is also more difficult because it becomes quite wide on the shaft. But that should also be feasible.

4. Hello Beatles: The mushroom-shaped penis

As with a mushroom, this type of penis is rather expansive at the top of the glans and has a narrower shaft.

  • Per: With its large, mushroom-shaped glans, this is the ideal penis for a blow job. After all, it is almost in the shape of a lolly. The ladies will be happy. As for the perfect position, the missionary position is great. It is best not to penetrate too deeply, but to stay in the first third of the vagina - so he can pamper the lady even better. In contrast to the conical penis, it is more comfortable for both parties with less depth. It's best to look at the positions for a large penis. They are ideal in this case too.
  • Cons: The bad news for this guy: anal sex can be painful. Lube and patience help.

5. Hot Banana: The banana-shaped penis

We come to the last penis type on our list. The shape is reminiscent of a banana, but without being crooked. The penis is rather narrow at the top and bottom and wider in the middle.

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  • Per: If your partner has this type of penis, congratulations: this shape is the best for penetration! Its narrow shape makes it easy to slide in and penetrate deeply. The shaft is wider in the middle so that the woman's vagina is well stimulated. This type is ideal for a number of Kamasutra positions! Especially for positions from behind. With a little lubricant, he can penetrate the anal without causing pain to the woman. Finally it starts with the narrowest part and ends narrow.
  • Cons: If the penis is too wide in the middle and causes slight pain, lubricant can help.
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