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Fresh from the hairdresser? Our 8 tips for colored hair!

Honey blonde, chocolate brown or cherry red - fresh from the hairdresser you will shine with joy with your new hair color! So that it stays that way, we have 8 care and styling tips here - for long-lasting, colored hair.

Do you already have ours Hair testmade? To find the perfect care for your hair, we first need to find out what type of hair you are.

Whether highlights, fresh roots, or balayage - colored and tinted hair requires intensive care. On the one hand, because the dye attacks your hair, on the other hand, so that the color retains its luminosity for as long as possible.

Whether completely colored or strands - with the right technique they can be easily tamed!

Our 8 tips for colored hair:

  • Washing properly: So that the color pigments of the new coloring can penetrate your hair, you should refrain from shampooing 24-48 hours after visiting the hairdresser. Frequent washing is also counterproductive afterwards, because it roughened your cuticle and literally rinsed the beautiful color away. Avoid water that is too hot, as this will damage your hair and make it look brittle and dull. Finish your hair wash with a cold wash. This closes and seals the outer layer of hair. It also stimulates the blood circulation in the irritated scalp.
  • The matching shampoo. When washing your hair, use a shampoo for colored hair, as natural as possible and without silicones and parabens (artificial preservatives). So your hair is intensely nourished and sealed. We particularly recommend ours Shampoo bar "Love is in the hair". The contained sweet almond oil wraps around your hair protectively and makes it look fresh and supple. Rub your shampoo bar on the scalp and roots only and massage it in well. It's best to use one too Conditioner for the hair lengths, because this provides your hair with additional moisture. Our “Queen” conditioner with argan oil is perfect here. Your hair becomes combable and supple, which is very important, especially with bleached hair.
  • Comb your hair gently. A large-toothed comb made of natural materialhow our bamboo comb prevents hair breakage. Avoid rough brushing and tight bun hairstyles, because your hair will be unnecessarily stressed here.
  • Correct dry: Rub dry after washing, blow dry with hot air and brush through - and off you go? Please not with colored hair. Rubbing roughens the structure of the hair so that your hair appears dull. Instead, wrap your wet hair with a towel and gently squeeze it out. The best thing to do is to let it air-dry so that the hot air with a hairdryer does not remove any additional moisture from your hair and relax your scalp.
  • AvoidStyling products with silicones. Because these ensure that pollutants are attracted from the environment and make your hair dull. They also weigh down your hair and can quickly make it look flat. How about a nice hair straightener and curling iron Braided hairstyle? Additional bonus: with the braid you have great later, natural curls.
  • Regular Cut hair for healthy hair. The damaged and dry tips should be removed frequently.
  • Kissed by the sun - but please not too often. Colored hair reacts in particular sensitive to UV radiation. The already damaged hair structure is strained and the hair color fades. It is therefore best to cover your hair with a hat or a bandana. Alternatively, you can use a protective UV spray.
  • Be careful with salt and chlorinated water! The surface of the hair is attacked and, especially with bleached hair, the color can even change. Therefore, wash your hair with clear water after contact with salt or chlorinated water.

Applying shampoo bars

For colored hair, we particularly recommend our “Lets get Coco Nutty” shampoo bar. It contains coconut oil, which helps to restore the shine of your dry and damaged hair and is said to have a de-stressing effect. Do you prefer fruity? Try the solid shampoo "Grapefruit" for dry, damaged and colored hair. It makes your hair soft and supple with pure organic sheep's milk. The contained cocoa butter and the valuable pro-vitamin B5 nourish your hair and should give it a silky shine. The pro-vitamin B5 is also very moisturizing.

Correct use is also important with our shampoo bars. Moisten your shampoo bar and your hair with water and massage it into the hairline with light movements - just like with liquid shampoo. Rinse out your hair and simply let your shampoo bar dry, ideally on a loofah sponge or on our shelf as storage for the shower or for travel. Finish washing your hair with cold water to stimulate blood flow to your scalp and seal the outer layer of hair.

Already knew? You can also make your own individual solid shampoo (also known as solid shampoo) yourself! Take a look at our DIY instructions for making your own shampoo bar. We are looking forward to your creation!


A new hair color is like a new life and boosts your self-confidence. To keep it that way, you should take special care of your hair. Be sure to use a solid shampoo for colored hair and a suitable conditioner to stimulate the regeneration of damaged hair. With the right application you can prevent the loss of luminosity and shine.

I hope my tips help you and your hair to enjoy color for a long time. In our shop you will surely also find something for your hair, whether greasy, dry or colored. You can also filter according to your taste: e.g. whether you like fresh, fruity or floral fragrances. Have a look!

And what color do you have? Let us know in the comments!

by Michelle from the flower girl