What is it like to live in Portoroz

Piran in Portorož


For lovers of the sea, the municipality of Piran is the best choice for living or buying a holiday home, as most of the seaside settlements on the Slovenian coast, which are also very varied, are located here. In the area of ​​the municipality of Piran you can choose between urban and rural seaside villages. The carefree life is embellished by numerous sunny days, according to the Slovenian weather agency, most of them in Slovenia, by the beneficial effects of the Sečovlje Saltworks Landscape Park and the picturesque villages in the hinterland. Whichever you choose, you will always be one step away from offices, medical facilities, spas, hilly villages, schools, bike and walking paths, shops and cultural events.

Piran, a city of dreams

Intertwined narrow streets, in the middle a large square, enthroned above it the church with its tower, picturesque Venetian houses, the touch of the blue sea and the sky on the horizon, in the distance the Alps, that is the characteristic postcard from Piran. Who lives in Piran, lives the real Mediterranean life. In the morning swimming in the sea, followed by cappuccino and croissant in the nearby café, then a visit to the lush market with vegetables from the Piran hinterland, these are just some of the many rituals of the Pirans on Saturday. Altane (typical Piran terraces on the roofs) are perfect for evenings in the shimmer of the lights of Trieste and the view of Croatia or the mountains. Lovers of culture will find their place under the sun in one of the numerous cultural associations active in the city or quench their thirst for art by visiting galleries, museums, events and concerts or simply with one of the numerous artists who live here or come to visit Piran regularly and chat.

Portorož, a green strip of beneficial effects by the sea (Portorož for a healthy lifestyle)

The warm sea, pine trees, roses, palm trees, the scent of jasmine and the close proximity of the agricultural park of the Sečovlje salt pans make up the special climate of Portorož. Portorož is famous as the place with the most complete wellness offer in Europe. In the harshest winter, you can swim here in pools with heated sea water and a view of the open sea and the snow-covered Alps. Where people elsewhere in Europe are still wearing winter coats, the Portorožans are sunbathing on their terraces with an unforgettable view of the sea. Outdoor sports are also possible here all year round. Just one step from home you can already cycle along the coast from the salt pans to Piran or on the Parenzana (former narrow-gauge railway from Poreč to Trieste, now a cycle path) to Izola and Koper or in the other direction to Croatia. To embrace a healthy lifestyle, you can grow your own vegetables or enjoy Mediterranean fruit from your own trees, the soil is fertile everywhere in Portorož. Life in Portorož is also pleasant because of the proximity of offices, pharmacies, shops, bus stops, the kindergarten and children's playgrounds.

The hinterland of Piran

Villages on the hills, stone houses, olive groves, vineyards, orchards and fascinating views are typical of the Slovenian part of Istria, but only in the Piran municipality can you find two rural settlements very close to the sea. They are Sečovlje and Strunjan. Salt pans are still in operation in both villages. No matter where your house is in Sečovlje, everywhere you can enjoy the view of the Sečovlje Salt Pans Landscape Park and, although in the country, you will find a kindergarten, elementary school, bus stops and post office nearby.

In Strunjan you can treat yourself to thalassotherapy at home, the place is a natural health resort. Its special features are good air rich in aerosols, a varied range of local agricultural products and numerous well-tended hiking trails through the nature reserve.

The three villages of Padna, Sv. Peter and Nova vas, far from the hustle and bustle, offer an Istrian way of life: olive and grape harvests, collecting wild asparagus and truffles, numerous Istrian village festivals (šagre).

No matter where you live in the Piran hinterland, everywhere you will be able to produce your own olive oil, vegetables, fruit and wine or simply enjoy the quiet surroundings and beautiful nature.