What are some recommended weekend getaways

10. Place "Hessen": From the Rheingau to the Frankfurt skyline, everything is included

The centrally located federal state falls in tenth place Hesse. What makes Hessen so special? Very easily! On the one hand, Hessen has impressive regions such as the Rheingau and the Hessian mountain road to offer, on the other hand the best in Frankfurt am Main Skyline Germany. Whether nature, history, art or lifestyle, you will find everything in Hessen. The historically valuable UNESCO World Heritage Sites are also always worth a visit.

The most popular sights on a short break in Hessen:

  • The Städel Museum in Frankfurt am Main, one of the most important German art museums with a varied offer such as evening tours, art talks or an open studio for children.
  • The Romans in Frankfurt am Main with its historical flair and one of the most beautiful and oldest town halls in Germany.
  • The Mountain park in Kassel, UNESCO world heritage with its water arts, a unique abundance of trees and plants and the famous Wilhelmshöhe Castle.

9. Place "Schleswig-Holstein": The right mix of beach, historic towns and island hopping is what counts

The northernmost state of Germany is always worth a trip: Schleswig-Holstein. The north of Germany has a lot to offer, because Schleswig-Holstein is not only surrounded by one sea, but by two - the one North Sea and the Baltic Sea. You will find numerous here Seaside resorts, Sand dunes and Lighthouses. And if you ever want to leave the mainland, so are Sylt and Heligoland the most requested Islands.

The most popular sights on a short trip to Schleswig-Holstein:

  • The Lübeck old town lies on a densely built island surrounded by watercourses and remnants of the ramparts. It has been a World Heritage Site since 1987 and is not only famous for its Lübeck marzipan.
  • The U-boat U 995 The last remaining submarine of its type is in Kiel and dates from the Second World War.
  • The location of the Viking Museum Haithabu Schleswig used to be one of the most important settlements for the Vikings. Today there are many spectacular exhibits on display.

8. Place "Lower Saxony": It offers wonderful heathland landscapes, windy East Frisian islands and beautiful low mountain ranges

The beautiful state of Lower Saxony can also be found on the North Sea. In addition to a walk on the beach on the East Frisian coast, you can also travel further inland and great regions like that Lueneburg Heath, the Weser Uplands or the Harz National Park get to know or explore Lower Saxony's cities.

The most popular sights on a short break in Lower Saxony:

  • The Herrenhausen Gardens in Hanover consist of various impressive baroque gardens. The Great Garden is one of the best preserved and most important gardens in Europe.
  • The Autostadt in Wolfsburg is a must for every car lover. Here you will find museums and leisure attractions related to mobility.
  • You can travel back to the 16th century Hameln old town. Because sandstone and half-timbered houses and small winding streets shape the cityscape here.

7. Place "Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania": the finest beaches and lakes as far as the eye can see

Lands in 7th place Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, also known as "Meck-Pom". Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania offers one thing above all: many worth seeing Natural landscapes and infinite horizon. In addition to the Baltic Sea is the Mecklenburg Lake District a very popular destination. But also cities worth seeing like Wismar, Rostock or Schwerin and seaside resorts such as Ahlbeck or Sellin make Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania a great state that is worth a trip.

The most popular sights on a short trip to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania:

  • The Schwerin Castle is one of the most famous castles in the north. In addition to the fairytale façade, you can also marvel at the magnificent living and party rooms.
  • The Old electricity Warnemünde was the connection between the Baltic Sea and Rostock harbor for years. This was excavated as early as 1423 and is now considered a "promenade".
  • The Chalk cliffs in Sassnitz run over fifteen kilometers and are part of a nature park. Many hiking trails run directly by the sea with a breathtaking view.

6. Place "Saxony": Its diversity ranges from the romantic Elbe Sandstone Mountains to impressive castles

Do you already know the beauty of East Germany? Lands in 6th place of the most popular short vacation destinations Saxony. In addition to traditional Spas you can be splendid Castles, Castles and Gardens marvel and walk in the footsteps of great composers. Saxony is also famous for the world Pottery and his historic steam trains, with which you can still drive almost 100 km today.

The most popular sights on a short break in Saxony:

  • The Kennel is a world-famous building from the baroque period and can be admired in Dresden.
  • The Saxon Switzerland National Park with the Elbe Sandstone Mountains is unique among the landscapes of Central Europe and characterized by rare animals and plants.
  • The Nikolaikirche is the largest and most famous church in Leipzig. The peaceful revolution in the former GDR began there in autumn 1989.

5. "Baden-Württemberg" place: shines with the Black Forest, Lake Constance and the Swabian Alb

If you have a region with many scenic contrasts want to travel, you are in Baden-Wuerttemberg precisely! Here you can in the west in the deep Black Forest hike to the south on the Lake Constance sailing, in the east the Swabian Alb sound or in the north the Hohenloher level discover.

The most popular sights on a short trip to Baden-Württemberg:

  • The Mainau Island on Lake Constance, the "flower island" is often called. Because it is planted with plenty of flowers and is one of the most colorful nature experiences in the south.
  • You come across that above the roofs of Heidelberg Heidelberg Castle. The castle ruins stand for German Romanticism and already enchanted poets and artists back then.
  • in the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart you can marvel at the latest technologies and car trends spread over nine floors. The building is also well worth seeing for architectural reasons.

4. Place "Hamburg": Offers classy shopping on the Alster, a casual beach feeling on the Elbe beach and a hip harbor district

The city on the Elbe comes in fourth - Hamburg! What makes the pearl on the Elbe so popular? Hamburg offers an exciting one City life right on the water. In addition to shopping, culture and nature experiences, it should also be the best here Fish rolls give. And if that's still not enough, you can romantic Elbe beach or visit the most famous street in Hamburg - the Reeperbahn. Enough to do on a Nordic getaway!

The most popular sights on a short break in Hamburg:

  • The Hamburg Cathedral is not a church, but a regular folk festival. With more than 10 million visitors annually, it is one of the largest festivals in the north.
  • The miniature wonderland is the largest model railway in the world. On a scale of 1:87, you can see excerpts from all over the world.
  • The Port of Hamburg is the largest port in Germany. On various tours and trips on the ship you can gather impressions around the port.

3. Platz "Berlin": A Mecca for shopping, for unlimited culture and for going out

It has been among the top 3 most popular short trip destinations Berlin made. But what does she have Capitalwhat other places in Germany do not offer in this form? Berlin is a city like no other, shaped by the most diverse people and cultures that make it so special. Berlin is especially popular with young people Clubs, extensive Shopping options and small Designer boutiques a paradise. But not to be forgotten cultural sights, because in Berlin you can experience history up close.

The most popular sights on a short trip to Berlin:

  • The Brandenburg Gate stands in Berlin Mitte and is an important German landmark. Once it divided East and West Berlin, today it stands for reunification.
  • The East Side Gallery can be found in the Friedrichshain district. It is the longest surviving section of the Berlin Wall and was painted by artists from all over the world.
  • in the Reichstag building The seat of the German Bundestag is located in the Mitte district and has become a popular meeting place for tourists.

2. "North Rhine-Westphalia" place: Endless possibilities thanks to Cologne Cathedral, the Rhine and an exciting mix of industry and nature

The most populous federal state also made it into the top 3: North Rhine-Westphalia! It not only offers many big cities with Museums and Theaters, but also recreational areas with numerous Swimming lakes and Thermal baths. Rivers like Rhine and Dysentery shape the region and are with great Bike paths fitted. A wide-ranging cultural program makes North Rhine-Westphalia so popular and therefore comes in second.

The most popular sights on a short break in North Rhine-Westphalia:

  • The Cologne cathedral is the third largest church building in the world and is characterized by its Gothic style. Here are also the Relics the three holy Kings.
  • The House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany is located in Bonn and is one of the most visited museums in Germany. You can see contemporary German history since 1945.
  • The Zeche Zollverein there used to be a coal mine in Essen. Today there is a museum, various guided tours, and many other events.

1. Place "Bavaria": Romantic castles, impressive Alps and beautiful historic cities make it easy to switch off

The most popular destination for a short vacation in Germany is Bavaria. What makes the state so popular? Is it the Bavarian hospitality? The lovable ones Traditions? Or the unique ones Mountain landscapes? It is probably the mixture of everything that makes Bavaria so likeable and that is why Bavaria deserves its first place.

The most popular sights on a short trip to Bavaria:

  • The Neuschwanstein Castle in Hohenschwangau is a fairytale castle in the mountains of Bavaria. It is also used as a template for the Walt Disney Castle.
  • The Marienplatz in Munich is the center and heart of the city. Tourists come here to see the carillon, the Christmas market, championship celebrations or city festivals.
  • The Old town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber impressed by the medieval monuments and cultural assets. Surrounded by a fortress, you can immerse yourself in the past here.

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