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Price comparison in local transport: This is how much taxi, Uber and public transport cost worldwide - Berlin and Frankfurt are more expensive than Munich, Hamburg and Düsseldorf

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GoEuro examines the costs of local transport for 60 cities around the world Taxi and Uber are the most expensive in Australia, Switzerland and Sweden, while public transport in London Vienna is sometimes cheaper than Berlin

Getting around on short stretches in Germany is not really cheap. A look at neighboring Switzerland, however, shows that it can also be much more expensive. These are just some of the results of the current price comparison in local transport carried out by the Berlin travel search engine GoEuro (www.goeuro.de) for 60 cities worldwide. The travel costs for taxi, Uber and local public transport were compared.

For taxi and Uber, 10 kilometers are the comparative figure. The estimated costs for local public transport correspond to a single journey.

Fares in major German cities - Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf - are relatively close to each other: a trip with Uber costs between 16 and 20 euros. For a taxi ride in the cities compared, the price range between 19.77 euros and 21.84 euros. In local public transport, buses or trains travel from A to B for 2.00 to 2.60 euros.

A look at India and Indonesia shows how different the costs for local transport are worldwide: In New Delhi, the prize winner, a trip on public transport costs the equivalent of just 17 cents. In Mumbai, a taxi ride costs just 1.83 euros and in Jakarta a ten-kilometer trip with Uber is possible for 2.97 euros.

The gap between the bottom of the pack and the front-runners in the comparison is large: in Sweden's capital Stockholm, passengers have to pull out of their pockets for a journey of over 38.30 euros, in Australia / Sydney only slightly less at 38.22 euros. In Zurich he can take a taxi for 36.48 euros. For public transport, the prices in Zurich and Stockholm are at the upper end of the range at EUR 3.75 and EUR 3.91. The top value here, however, is provided by London with 5.95 euros. On the other hand, driving a taxi in the city on the Thames is relatively cheap at 22.76 euros. In Sydney, on the other hand, which is one of the price kings when it comes to Uber costs, local public transport is comparatively low: At 2.23 euros, Sydney is roughly on par with Vienna. Here a single ticket costs 2.20 euros.

Interesting: Vienna, which is otherwise not exactly known for its low prices, is cheaper in local transport than Berlin: 13.71 euros for a Viennese taxi ride compared to 19.77 euros in Berlin. For public transport it is 2.20 euros in the Austrian capital compared to 2.60 euros in the German capital. Only when it comes to Uber, Berlin is not undercut by the otherwise expensive Alpine country: Here in Vienna, 22.25 euros are required, in Berlin, on the other hand, only 18.50 euros.

"The extensive comparison of local transport prices enables consumers to make price-conscious decisions about how they want to travel. Getting around has very different prices in different countries. If travelers want to go on many trips on holiday, the price comparison can help them to decide which country to use," explains Robin Wilfert, Creative Director at GoEuro.

The complete result is available here: http://www.goeuro.de/der-nahverkehrspreisindex

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GoEuro offers a simple, integrated search for travel connections in Europe. With a single search, all train, bus and flight connections are shown clearly and in direct comparison - from place to place, with complete travel times and costs, and even with the right train to the airport. Currently, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, the Benelux countries and Italy are fully covered. Other European countries will follow shortly. GoEuro was founded in 2012 by Naren Shaam. Shaam is originally from Bangalore / India, went to Harvard to study and worked in the American auto and financial industries. He came up with the idea for GoEuro while on a trip to Europe. The company is based in Berlin and currently employs over 60 people from 23 nations. The main investors are Battery Ventures, Hasso Plattner Ventures and Lakestar.

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