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Miss Venezuela Beauty Pageant: Moving away from 90-60-90

Caracas - In the Miss Venezuela beauty pageant, the body measurements of the candidates will no longer be given. The organizers of the competition justified this with a deliberate departure from "stereotypes".

"The beauty of women does not depend on 90-60-90," said communications director Gabriela Isler before the competition on Thursday. "It is measured by the talent of every single woman." So far, the dimensions of the candidates have always been announced at the event. For a long time, a chest circumference of 90 centimeters, a waist circumference of 60 centimeters and a hip circumference of 90 centimeters were considered the ideal of beauty. To achieve this, women who want to become beauty queens undergo drastic diets - and not infrequently also cosmetic surgery.

Stepping stone

Beauty pageants are particularly popular in Venezuela and are sometimes a stepping stone to global fame. In the past seven Miss Universe and six Miss World came from the South American country. On Thursday, 24 candidates will compete for the Miss Venezuela title in the capital Caracas.

The competition takes place amid a severe political and economic crisis in the country. There have been repeated blackouts across the country in the past few months. For the organizers of the beauty pageant, it is a horror idea that the power could fail in Caracas on Thursday: Due to a lack of funds, there is no emergency plan for a blackout, as communications director Isler said. (APA, AFP, July 31, 2019)