What is Swarovski crystal

It's glass, otherwise these accessories would be priceless.
This is a typical question that is googled faster than typing an answer here.
The difference to diamonds is the hardness and the type of light refraction, and of course the price.
I am extending Amos' answer: It is high-quality cut lead crystal glass. The higher the lead content in the glass, the higher the brilliance of cut stones. Visually, without looking at it, it is indistinguishable from the diamond in terms of appearance.
Years ago I gave my ex a silver ring with a fake diamond from JOOP. If Brilli would have become very expensive, it did not fail to have an effect on friends. The thing looked absolutely real and looked like 10,000 DM! *G*
Whereby silver, if it does not have a refining coating, simply looks like silver. Nobody can hold a one-carat silver (example). Stainless steel and platinum or white gold, on the other hand, are visually indistinguishable from each other.
svarowski not only produces glass, they also produce zirconia. svarovski's crystal glass is easy to distinguish from diamonds, with zirconia it is not feasible with the naked eye. but the 08/15 svarovski stones are glass.
That's not true. Especially with smaller stones, only a specialist can tell the difference between a Swarovski crystal and a real one. And zirconia has a completely different refraction of light than a real stone, especially with larger stones, from 0.5 kt. These are completely different, more colorful colors for zirconia.
To the best of my knowledge, Swarovski crystals are now made lead-free. Swarovski does not offer these directly to end customers under the brand "Swarovski Crystals" (see also: http://www.create-your-style.com), but through authorized dealers such as https: // www. gogoritas.com or https://www.strass.com. These semi-finished rhinestone products were previously also called Swarovski Elements or Crystallized.

The higher quality artificially produced diamonds from Swarovski are called "Swarovski Gemstones", to be found here: https://www.swarovski-gemstones.com - they are also not sold directly to end customers.