What is Commercial Ad Production

Wetzlardruck opts for AdMan for the production of advertisements

Newspaper & mailroom

Monday October 15, 2012 - In late summer, the largest newspaper publisher in Central Hesse decided on integrated advertising production with AdMan. In the future, Wetzlardruck will produce digital advertising material for its own newspaper objects, advertising papers and online publications with the advertising workflow from ppi Media.

The automatic acceptance and assignment of digitally delivered advertisements - with the increasing variety of formats for print and digital media - is crucial in order to position the publishing house competitively. AdMan also ensures integration with the future commercial advertising system (SAP IS-M / AM) and with the preflight check. Like the other systems of the new generation, AdMan is operated by an outsourcing partner with a data center for Wetzlar printing.

After the go live for the ppi Media products PlanPag, ProPag and AdPag for newspaper planning and production in the first week of September 2012, production of AdMan is planned for May 2013. "The expansion stage of the ad production with AdMan is the next logical step in the modernization and automation of the publishing applications in Wetzlar", says Stefan Weisgerber, from Weisgerber Consulting. As an external overall project manager, he advises and accompanies Wetzlardruck from system selection and requirements specification to project implementation in terms of organization and technology.

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