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Admittedly: Ferrari is a myth and nowadays many people no longer know that Ferrari started as Enzo Ferrari's GP team.

But what do Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and Sauber have in common? They are teams whose founders have bequeathed their names to them. And strangely enough, these are the teams that are the most popular.

Despite numerous changes of ownership, the McLaren name always remained.

Sauber has more sympathy again than BMW Sauber did, when it was a big factory behind it.

Force India, Virgin - all of these teams are on par with Sauber, but less popular. Because there is no "name" or "personality" behind it?

Also in history teams are called sympathetic whose name goes back to their team founder: Minardi, Brabham, Toleman, etc. There are fewer and fewer teams that are named after their team founders:

2011: McLaren, Ferrari, Williams, Sauber
2001: Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, Jordan, Sauber, Minardi, Prost (Arrows)
1991: McLaren, Tyrrell, Williams, Brabham, Minardi, Ligier, Ferrari, Jordan, Coloni
1981: Williams, Tyrrell, Brabham, McLaren, Fittipaldi, Ligier, Ferrari, Osella, Toleman (Arrows, March)
The teams in brackets are team names made up of the initials of several team founders.

The same applies to the second division, GP2 (and its predecessor teams):
2011: Coloni, Carlin
2001: Coloni (Prost, Minardi)
1991: Stewart, Forti, Jordan, Marko, Pavesi
1981: Maurer, Toleman, Minardi, Schäfer, Merzario (Gartner, March)

In the IndyCar, too, Ganassi and Penske are the teams that have the most supporters, of course because of their successes.

Today team names are chosen very differently:

- To instill patriotism (and attract donors from the countries) like Force India or Hispania Racing Team
- The factories that get involved, like Mercedes or Renault
- Old team names to get attention, attract funders and retain fans, like Lotus
- In the GP2, motorsport-typical but impersonal names such as iSport, Racing Engineering are also used
- Or you identify with animals like Rapax

What can you do with the subject?
What's your opinion?


I also think these teams are by far the most personable. But I also think history-bound names like Lotus are better than, for example, Virgin.

However, it's a shame that, as you wrote it, there are fewer and fewer teams with personal names


The official team names of the teams mentioned were changed so often and sometimes the name McLaren or Ferrari was not even included in the team name.
McLaren won his first World Cup under the official team name Marlboro Team Texaco. Ferrari won its 1964 World Cup under the team name N.A.R.T.
Williams, like Sauber, had BMW up front in the team name


Come on, now McLaren is also called "Vodafone McLaren" or something like that, but the chassis names e.g. always McLaren. You know exactly what that means.


MichaelZ wrote:
Come on, now McLaren is also called "Vodafone McLaren" or something like that, but the chassis names e.g. always McLaren. You know exactly what that means.

Of course I know. but what do chassis names have to do with the team. Inevitably nothing at first.
But it's just the case that the teams did not always have Ferrari, McLaren and Co. in their names and the enthusiasm has only subsided imperceptibly.

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