Is 59 far from 510

Oh man, if I read this again ...

So first of all this alleged 08er from Popko is a 06er model, the other one will probably be a 07er - not the one E.rstZApproval decides the model, but that B.ouchjahr or engl. model year

Because of the power of carburetor and injection machines - the i.e. Models feel livelier - but only if they have an open exhaust system and a performance-oriented mapping (must be purchased additionally if required and is not cheap from the models from 2009 -> from approx. 1200, - €). Any differences in performance arise, if at all, from the series spread and are not noticeable due to the insignificance. Exceptions are the models from 2009, which have a longer secondary translation and therefore have a weaker passage without a corresponding change to the translation.

You get all510 models are openly registered through various dealers for a fee. However, only models up to 2006 are openly registered ex works.

For more information, I would look for relevant threads relating to 510s and 'purchase advice' - there are enough here in the Supermoto area on pages 1 + 2, so you don't have to try the forum search first.