What did you do at the age of 20

Listen dude! Jo, brother! Hi kids! The Langenscheidt homies are once again completely stable and treat us to totally fresh "youth words" this year as well. By the way, youth word of the year 2018 is "Ehrenmann / Ehrenfrau". Sheeeesh? (Really?) The man of honor already existed in the Middle Ages, so the term seems extremely rotten for a youthful word. Before a jury decided on the floor, there was an online poll and 1.5 million votes were cast. The favorite here: bugged - something that is full of bugs. Containing glucose as a synonym for sweet was in second place. Other dubious candidates: lindern (it is better not to do something than to do something badly), Snackosaurus (devoured person) or mash (break and still party).

Only: Do young people really talk like that? Adults usually have Kapla (no plan), but that is precisely the point of youth language. Every age has its youthful words that sound puzzling. Or does anyone still know what an anode boom is (portable radio, 1950s), a damn (idiot, 1960s) or an Ische (boyfriend, 1970s)? The 21-member jury that decided on the youth words consists of journalists, bloggers, schoolchildren and a police superintendent from Berlin-Kreuzberg. The youth word has been chosen since 2008, and there has been criticism right from the start: Do the words really correspond to youth language usage? We asked young people in Munich, Berlin and Wiesbaden about expressions that they actually use.

Honorary man / woman of honor - according to the Langenscheidt-Honks synonymous with "someone who does something special for you". The election is "a positive sign in times of hatred and agitation," it says. And unlike in the past, the expression is "no longer restricted to higher social classes and no longer limited to men". Really? We think: an extremely strange choice, since honor has gone through a lot in human history (death of honor, memorial, honorable and dishonorable professions) and the honorable man has always believed himself to be above everyone. Doesn't even the mafia have its own code of honor? But at least: Ehrenmann is actually used.

Leeks - (Allium ampeloprasum), also called leek, red onion, common leek or ash leek, botanically belongs to the genus Allium. People who are colloquially referred to as leeks belong to the group of idiots, also called weaklings, idiots or idiot. Originally the expression alluded to the slender figure of a young person, in a figurative sense an L. is an insecure, weak person. When the rabble rapper Kollegah writes in his guidebook "This is Alpha" in a pseudophilosophical way about the "chronically unbuckled leek", it is not meant sexually or culinary, but psychologically: He rumbles against the general effeminacy.

The Arabic habibi is also heard more and more often

Age - also Dicker / Digga, Brudi, in Austria Oida. Originally from the time of the Thirty Years' War, when Elector Friedrich Wilhelm von Brandenburg used experienced "old Swedes" to train his soldiers in matters of war. On the one hand derogatory ("The old woman is crazy '') meant for people with more experience of life, on the other hand equally appreciative. Similar to "Hey Digger, what's up?" emphasizes "Crazy, dude!" the ambivalence of human relationships in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtension between age and body size. In contrast to Alter / Oida and Dicker / Digga, Brudi stands for the vulnerable of a rather inexperienced group member. It should be a compound common in the rap and hip-hop scene from the German "brother" and the Arabic "Akhi" (means the same thing).

Because tree - means: because that's the way it is. In the science fiction classic The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the supercomputer's Deep Thought answer to the one, all-encompassing, final question was: 42. When you ask children a simple question like, "Why haven't you done your homework yet?" ? "they like to answer:" Because tree. " This answer sounds profound, but it is merely an expression of the sheer inability to answer the question even remotely. According to the phrase index of the German Digital Library, the tree has been common in everyday language in this context since 2007. Why a tree and not a banana or fish? Because tree.

Habibi - an Arabic family name that can be translated as "my beloved" (Habiti: "my beloved"). The expression became known worldwide through the song "Nour El Ain" by the Egyptian singer Amr Diab from 1996, probably the most successful recording by an Arab singer (the refrain is: "Ya Habibi"). In the less successful film "Where are you going, Habibi?" (Germany, 2015) Ibrahim of Turkish origin falls in love with the Berlin wrestler Alexander. Nice.

Flexen - show off, rap hard. The rapper Fler stammered in his song "Flex'n": "Flex'n, babe, I'm flex'n / Because the diamonds in the Roli are shining". He doesn't mean that he's using an angle grinder to cut around the Rolex and the diamonds. In reality he doesn't work at all, he just babbles. When flexing, the macho rapper does what he does best: show off. Possibly the term originally comes from bodybuilding - if you tense your muscles and pose complacent, you are flexing; a well-known bodybuilder magazine is called Flex. In a figurative sense, flexing means: posing.

Anyone who fails at rapping is a Wack MC

31er- Traitor. "Thirty-one" refers to Paragraph 31 of the German Narcotics Act (so-called "Judas Paragraph"), which guarantees the perpetrator a reduction in sentence in the event that his statements prevent further offenses. The expression was more widespread thanks to hip-hop groups such as K.I.Z or the rapper Gynecologist. 31 has nothing to do with the international telephone code of the Netherlands, the 31st French department of Haute-Garonne or the number of days in January, March, May, July, August, October and December.

Stable - Super. Each generation has its own expressions for "good": knorke, fragrant, crass, cool, famos, geil, super cool, top monkey, super, hyper, mega. Anyone who says "super cool" these days when they think something is great is completely uncool, or better said, wacky (see below). Not only moods, the weather or bridges can be stable, but also good-looking women or parties. Caution: From a certain age and weight limit, stable is no longer a compliment for a woman.

Wack - bad. This onomatopoeic expression is also present on the nomination list for the youth word of the year, which is actually a sure sign that he himself is somehow uncool and wacky. Is the Langenscheidt list completely bugged again? A short survey showed that wack is actually stable in the language used by students. In hip-hop, everything that is bad and lousy is called wack. An MC who doesn't get a lot of credit in rapping is also called a Wack MC. The noun zu wack is called wackness, it describes someone as weak and talentless.

Af - total, extreme ("as fuck"). Can be added to almost any adjective in internet forums to reinforce the respective statement (formerly: "full soup"). For example: "This is good af." (That's really good.) Or: "I'm poor af." (I'm really poor.) Human sexuality (like the onomatopoeic "fuck" here) is generally used as a reinforcement component in youth language: Life fucks me. Really cool thing. Folks, that bangs.