What's the scariest ghost experience you've had

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On holiday
That was ages ago, I think I was 6 or 7 years old (28 today), but I will never forget what happened to me:

At that time I was in our house in Serbia with my parents and my brother. For me the house always had something eerie because I knew that some family members had already died in it. That's why I was always particularly anxious in the dark at night. At night I always woke my papa when I had to go to the toilet. He understood and was always with me. But this one night I wanted to be brave and go to the toilet all by myself. To get there, I had to go down a few steps because the bathroom was then on the ground floor.
I have to quickly mention that my parents were always particularly careful back then. At night all doors were locked, all windows locked and all blinds lowered so that no criminal would have the opportunity to break in.
In any case, I almost made it to the door and was a little proud when it pops so mercilessly loud that I screamed in shock and started to cry terribly. I ran upstairs in a panic and ran straight into my father's arms. He had heard the bang too. We went to the bathroom together, of course I was way behind Dad and then everyone was amazed:
The window, which was built inwards in the bathroom, was open and only the pane to the inside (it was double glazing) was smashed. The second window, which was built to the outside, was undamaged and locked. And on the outside there was also the heavy roller blind down so that there could be no damage from external influences. It wasn't windy at all so you could have thought that it could have been a breeze. My father was so taken aback that he first said that there was a very plausible reason (so as not to frighten me even more):
Years later, when I was already grown up, I asked him about it and he said that he was really scared at the moment and couldn't explain how it could happen. Because the way the damage was done, it could only have come from inside the room!

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