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Test: UDG Ultimate Backpack Slim

UDG has dedicated itself to the subject of gear transport for many years and offers bags and trolleys for almost every piece of equipment. Always with the focus on protecting the valued technology from damage while on the move, you will surely find what you are looking for in the UDG range. With the UDG Ultimate Backpack Slim, the Dutch company is now introducing a backpack that, as the name suggests, is particularly slim and should still provide the necessary protection. You can find out what you can pack in this backpack and how well it does in everyday life in the test below.

What fits in?

With an external dimension of 32 x 44 x 23 cm (WxHxD), the Ultimate Backpack Slim is definitely the size of a leisure backpack. It is not particularly bulky, but it manages to fit a 17-inch laptop and a 2-channel battle mixer such as B. to stow a Pioneer DJM-S9 in the main compartment. There are also two small mesh pockets that can hold a smartphone, cables and travel documents. These also have a special function, which we explain in more detail in the following section. In the minor compartment on the back there is space to carry two to three records - ideal for DVS DJs who use timecode records.

If you don't need it, you can of course also use the back compartment for your laptop and, for example, place a laptop stand in the main compartment, the Ultimate Backpack proves to be flexible in this regard. The large front compartment can be used for all kinds of cables, adapters or power supplies. A zipper compartment ensures that small parts do not get lost in the backpack; The outer compartment offers space for foldable headphones. There is a small compartment in the back padding for valuables such as wallet, credit cards and the like, which makes work difficult for pickpockets because it cannot be reached directly when carrying the backpack.

Functionality and comfort

With the variety of backpacks on the market, one could almost believe that the wheel cannot be reinvented here. Basically that's true, but the details make a big difference. Once the Ultimate Backpack Slim is fully filled, the good padding on the back and shoulder straps is noticeable. The cross fastener, with which you can connect the two straps across the chest, provides additional stability, similar to what you know from outdoor backpacks. The straps' adjustment loops are easy to reach and easy to adjust. Tightening and loosening the straps is no problem with 6 liters of milk and a large ravioli can in the main compartment. A Pioneer DJM-S9 or Numark PT01 Scratch Turntable also fill the main compartment.

The main compartment can either be opened completely (if you want to take out a mixer, for example) or the opening width can be limited with Velcro fasteners on the side. A highlight of the Ultimate Backpack Slim is the USB cable in the main compartment, which leads to an external USB socket. If you connect a power bank inside, you can simply charge your smartphone on the backpack, with the USB port pointing downwards so that there are no surprises in rainy weather. With a standard cable you can easily get to your trouser pocket, even if a smartphone pocket would be ideal for the wearer. There are loops on the shoulder strap, but a smartphone bag is not included in the scope of delivery.

Alternatively, the Ultimate Backpack Slim can also be used as a bag. The extremely stable handle is well padded and riveted to the backpack body. In addition, thanks to a loop on the back, it can also be attached to a trolley handle, which makes it attractive for traveling DJs. For the little thirst there is also a mesh pocket on the side in which a bottle can be clamped. Practical: An expansion joint can be opened in no time with a zipper, with which the Ultimate Backpack gains about five centimeters in depth - a volume reserve that is definitely helpful.


The Ultimate Backpack Slim is made of water-repellent nylon 450D and thus corresponds to the weather resistance of hiking backpacks. There are no visible weak points or unclean seams. Places with particular stress such as carrier connections and handles seem to withstand astonishingly much and leave a very good impression. The zippers are roughly toothed and can be easily opened in both directions. Although they are not waterproof, they also make a robust impression. The only small drawback here is that they jingle a bit when running. The orange-colored nylon interior has a higher density than the outer material, so that the penetration of water is made even more difficult. I can well imagine that the Ultimate Backpack Slim can be said to have excellent workmanship even after prolonged use. In my everyday test, which lasted several days, it was convincing without my having even doubted it for a moment.