Why is actor Simbu always controversial


Plus points:
+ Nayanthara`s acting performance as "Kokila"
+ Yogi Babu`s comedy with the other boy
+ Anirudhs`s BGM and songs
+ The unknown actor who played the character "Tony"
+ very good camera work
+ Saranya Ponvannan's role as the mother of Nayanthara
+ Intermission scene
+ not boring script
+ black humor “BLACK COMEDY” works very well in most scenes
+ All roles in this film have a reason why they appear in this film and are not redundant
+ You didn't really understand the song GUN IN KADHAL beforehand, IN THE FILM the moment comes when you understand the song! (Great idea!!)

- Here and there the film drags a bit, but that is made up for with 4-5 good scenes

Director NELSON, many of you don't know him, but he started to make the film with Simbu at that time. The film was called "Vettai Mannen" and there is even a teaser trailer of it on YouTube. Unfortunately, the film was canceled for financial reasons. Nelson did not give up and after many years he finally got his chance to prove his talent through Nayanthara and he is doing REALLY WELL! "KOLAMAAVU KOKILA" is one of the films that one thinks about from this year 2018 that one fondly thinks back to. "Kolamaavu Kokila" is one of the good films that came out this year. Nayanthara plays the role of "Kokila" very well and in the intermission scene, as a spectator and even as a non-Nayanthara fan, you just want to get up and clap and whistle. Anirudh`s songs are chartbusters anyway, but his BGM in this film has turned many scenes into mass scenes (Intermission scene + Climax scene) Not to forget of course YOGI BABU, this actor is currently one of the most popular comedy actors in Kollywood and that not without reason! In “Kolamaavu Kokila”, director Nelson uses him very well and all of his one-liners work very well. The best thing about this movie is that many of the scenes in this movie are pretty NEW and haven't been seen in any movie before. That really makes this film something special. “KOLAMAAVU KOKILA” IS NAYANTHARA'S ANSWER TO BREAKING BAD! "Kolamaavu Kokila" is a WINNER of this year 2018, we look forward to the upcoming films from director NELSON! -Review by Tivi Arj