A Reiki master is also a healer

What is Reiki?

Reiki (rei = Mind, soul andki = Life energy) is a form of laying on of hands that was rediscovered and established in Japan in the 19th century by the Buddhist monk and scholar, Mikao Usui. It was spread in the western world by the Hawaiian Hawayo Takata, who was the first master outside of Japan.

Reiki means something like "universal life energy". The idea behind it: This energy is always available and can also be used to treat other people. Through the use of Reiki, self-healing powers are activated, blockages released, body and mind regenerated and thoughts become clearer again.

What happens with Reiki?

In contrast to other forms of massage, Reiki is a gentle method with flowing movements and is carried out on the clothed body without aids. The “universal life force” flows through the hands of the Reiki master, activates the self-healing process, alleviates fears and stress and supports the loosening of blockages. He places his hands on certain parts of the body or holds them over the respective zone without touching them. Many report of a pleasant warmth during this, some fall asleep.

The soothing laying on of hands is likely to be innate in humans: Just think of the hand on the cheek with toothache or pregnant women who intuitively touch their stomach.

Who is Reiki for?

For everyone, whether infants, teenagers or adults, and even for everyone who just wants to let go: Reiki does not require preparation or concentration, it is letting go. However, Reiki applications can never replace medical or therapeutic treatment. No diagnosis is made or a cure is promised.

Reiki can be used in addition to conventional medicine to activate the self-healing powers. In the USA, Reiki is also used complementarily in hospitals. Detto in Germany: In the Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin, it was tried out on 800 patients for three years in order to achieve better healing results. The result was convincing, the UKB has increased its “Reiki staff”.

What does Reiki cost?

The costs for a Reiki treatment including a preliminary talk are between € 60 and € 100. A unit for adults usually lasts 45 to 60 minutes, for children it is shorter. The number of units always depends on what topic the client comes up with. If you just want to relax deeply, you can definitely only come once.

Who is allowed to practice Reiki?

In Austria there is no uniform standard for Reiki training. Those who want to teach people how to do this do not only need the master's degree, but also the teacher’s degree. The healing method is currently not represented in the Chamber of Commerce, but practitioners can join the professional association of qualified Reiki therapists (ÖBRT). Many Reiki masters also practice with a trade license for human energetics. As a client, however, you should be sure to be treated by someone who has received a third degree or master’s degree in Reiki.

Who explained that to us?

Ruth Theuermann-Bernhardt, cultural anthropologist and metal trainer, www.r-source.at