What's your best romantic date ever

On Valentine's Day, we want to show our dearest people how much we love them. With a cute card, a few pretty flowers or a small Valentine's Day gift, you are sure to succeed. But sometimes it should be something more than just a small gift. So how about a romantic Valentine's Day date? Here come the best and most memorable date ideas.

Most of these ideas can be implemented despite Corona. However, this year make sure to adhere to the applicable rules in order to protect yourself against infection with the corona virus. You shouldn't get sick on this special day!

Valentine's Day: These are the most beautiful date ideas for the day of love

Whether you and your sweetheart have been together for years or just recently: A Valentine's Day date is a wonderfully great idea to celebrate love and strengthen the relationship. But what is the perfect Valentine's Day date? Where to go What do you do? Here are a few great date ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Valentine's Day Date: Romantic Dinner

A classic among Valentine's Day dates is to cook dinner and dine at a candlelit table. It is especially nice when two or three courses are cooked and a bottle of good red wine is opened. Make your date special by turning off your cell phones all evening, playing pleasant background music and focusing on the moment. Tell each other stories and look each other in the eyes. This is how your Valentine's Day will be unforgettable!

Valentine's Day idea: wellness day at home

Turn your home into a wellness oasis on Valentine's Day. Buy luxurious bath balls, nourishing face masks and nice-smelling scented candles. Prepare your bathrobes, preheat your towels and take a bath together in the bathtub. Let the music play and listen to the splashing of the bathwater. Tell each other beautiful stories about your love and enjoy your togetherness to the fullest.

Valentine's Day date: movie night

A classic movie night, if properly prepared, is a fantastic Valentine's Day date. Write a few romantic Valentine's Day films on a must-watch list in advance, buy tasty snacks such as popcorn or nachos and your favorite drinks. Also have some blankets and pillows ready for the evening. It's best to build a real cuddle nest! Turn off your phones and watch the movies together. You will certainly laugh a lot and certainly cry too, but what would Valentine's Day be without emotions?

Date idea on love day: game night

A game night can also be a date on Valentine's Day that is great fun. To do this, choose the best card games for adults. Buy snacks and your favorite drinks and have them ready for a snack in between. It will be especially fun if you place bets beforehand as to who will emerge as the winner in the end. But you shouldn't argue about the outcome of the game!

Valentine's Day date: yoga or meditation

Have you and your sweetheart tried yoga or meditation together? If not, you should definitely do it. There are couple exercises that can build trust in the relationship. You can find a lot of great videos with instructions on the internet that you can follow on Valentine's Day. Make a small event out of it and celebrate every little success.

Date on love day: walk in the snow

A short trip to the forest or to the lake can also be a sweet date idea for Valentine's Day. Pack a small lunch and a thermos with tea or mulled wine and dress warmly. Then head to a place you've both never been to and explore. It's fun and welds together!

Date idea for Valentine's Day: a day at the thermal baths

Visiting a thermal bath together can be very romantic. Some pools even offer candlelight swimming on Valentine's Day. Alternatively, you can treat yourself to a partner massage or an infusion in a sauna. So you are guaranteed to be deeply relaxed after your Valentine's Day date and enjoy the cozy, warm feeling for a long time to come.

Date idea for February 14th: go ice skating

Ice skating is incredibly romantic and is guaranteed to take you back to your childhood. If the waters are sufficiently frozen on the day of love, you can throw yourself thickly wrapped up and armed with hot tea or mulled wine, into an icy adventure. Holding hands works particularly well when ice skating - did you know that? 😉

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