Is BBC reliable compared to CNN

International media market: BBC news channel attacks CNN

The competitive pressure among the news channels is increasing. "There are more than 100 news channels worldwide. The competition is getting tougher," said Cayla. BBC World News is giving the competitors a hard time. In Europe, BBC World News has increased circulation by 50 percent to 87 million households over the past five years. But the station has also made great strides in the USA, especially since the terrorist attacks of September 2001. While US news stations accompanied the beginning "war on terror" with patriotism, BBC World News stood out as a balanced alternative and traditionally used strong connections to the Middle East. "The BBC has always reported impartially and heard voices from the region," said Barnard. "That got us a lot of positive feedback from the USA."

Worldwide it is difficult to judge which international broadcaster has the edge, said Barnard. "In some parts of the world, CNN has more viewers, but we're catching up." In many regions, however, there is hardly any reliable data on television use. BBC World News can build on historical connections to Commonwealth countries such as India and Pakistan and benefit from the good reputation of the BBC. In fact, the news channels are fighting for international market leadership. "CNN is the market leader in combined online and TV coverage and was ahead of other news channels in all areas in the European Media & Marketing Survey 2007. CNN has reaffirmed its position as a broadcaster for globally oriented business people in the digital age," said a CNN -Speaker.

The economic situation of the news channels is difficult. In contrast to the profitable channels CNN and Euronews, BBC World is in the red. "We're not making a profit yet, but we're doing better than the business plan says," said Barnard. BBC World News will break even in 2010. Expecting high returns is unrealistic. "An international news channel is not the recipe for making huge amounts of money," said Barnard. She did not give any specific figures. BBC World is one of a group of 15 international broadcasters who generated 169 million pounds (212 million euros) in sales and 21 million pounds in profit in the past financial year.

The fight for the viewer

duel The two information channels N-TV (Bertelsmann) and N 24 (Pro Sieben Sat 1) set the tone on the German television market. In terms of quota, N 24 is now ahead of the game. However, N 24 not only sends messages, but above all documentation. In contrast to N-TV, N 24 is already in the black.

Second row The German programs Phoenix, Bloomberg and Euronews as well as the English-language channels BBC World News, CNN and the business channel CNBC only play a minor role.