What percentage of the Philippines speak English

The English language and the Philippines

English is recognized as the second official language in the Philippines and is also admitted to court. English is taught as a major in schools and so it happens that almost every Filipino speaks at least a little bit of English. This even applies to the one old grandpa you meet somewhere in the deepest provinces.

I am often asked how one gets away with the English language in the Philippines? The answer: Actually quite good, much better than in Thailand, for example, but here and there you reach the limits of what is feasible.

As already described above, the Filipinos learn English in school just like in Germany, they use it relatively rarely afterwards and so a large part of the vocabulary they learn often goes down the drain. It's no different in Germany.

If you then speak to them in fluent English, they always nod in a friendly and approving manner, but you have to find out afterwards that they hardly understood a word. This is especially true if, like me, you live in the deepest provinces and want to explain to a craftsman what to do.
This seems to work a little better in the larger cities, obviously the townspeople often meet with foreigners, where they can and must then practice what they have learned.

On Filipino television and also at political speeches, you often get it "Taglish" to listen. This is a mixture of approx. 80% English and approx. 20% of the actual national language Tagalog, as it is mainly spoken in Manila and the surrounding area (Luzon). It makes you desperate: You are just happy when you understand a few sentences in the news and when it gets exciting, a few words come back in Taglog and you don't know what it's about ...

Conclusion: You get along well with English in the Philippines, even when dealing with authorities and especially when you come from countries that speak English themselves Not as a mother tongue and have it yourself not perfect speaks. Then you are practically on "eye level" with the Filipinos when it comes to the English language.