How scared you are today

Ä as in "Afraid"

Palpitations, tremors, dizziness - you're really not feeling well right now. Maybe your fear has a very specific trigger. Or it occurs suddenly and without a specific reason. With regular anxiety states, your quality of life can be severely restricted. If you cannot overcome it on your own or if it lasts longer, it will help to find strategies to counter your anxiety.

Seek conversation

Most people find it easy to share positive experiences and successes with those around them. However, it is also important to be able to tell those around you that you don't feel good because: A suffering shared is a suffering halved. Talking about problems, fears, or negative emotions does not resolve problems into thin air. But it relieves the burden and makes it possible for you to get help or regain hope.

  • Visit the "How are you?" Website and get tips for a successful conversation.

  • Visit the inCLOUsiv exchange platform on mental health.

  • Try to answer the question "How are you?" In more detail: Why am I fine or not? What emotions do I feel?

  • Talk to a friend on the phone regularly and talk about what moves you.

  • How do the other people get our messages? Take three minutes to learn more about it in this video.

  • Talk to someone you trust and tell them what is bothering you.

  • Do you need someone to talk to or do you have a question? Look for an anonymous exchange with people of the same age on the # häschziit? Platform.

  • Video chat someone and just ask what's on. Share your positive vibes, they're contagious!

  • Keep your good mood with a Snap or TikTok video and send it to your friends. Dance, sing, grimace or just capture the moment.

  • Can't find any words to express your feelings right now? Maybe there is a song that describes your feelings aptly. Start a conversation by sending this song to someone.

maintain relationships

We are social beings - we need other people not just to share funny memes, the Netflix account or the bed, but simply to stay sane. Especially in difficult phases, your environment can be an important support for you and help you to find the positive in life again.

  • No idea what to do? Get possible inspiration here.

  • Stay in touch: Download this Google Chrome extension and virtually watch a movie or series with friends on Netflix.

  • Get in touch with old friends and send them a shared reminder, such as an old photo of you, to start the conversation again.

  • If you would like to meet new people in order to do something in your free time, download the app from «Spontacts» or visit the website.

  • Would you like to help or do you need help yourself? Visit the website of

  • Regularly send text messages to your parents / siblings / friends and ask them how they are.

  • Play a board or card game with your family. Here you will find reviews and articles on a wide variety of games. Other recommendations: Frantic, Skyjo, What Do You Meme ?, Settlers of Catan, Dog.

  • You don't stay alone in the club. Clubs are not just for old people! Theater, sport, nature, literature, politics: there are clubs for everything and for everyone. Most of the time you can just go on a trial visit and find a suitable group. More at

  • Say it when you think something nice about someone.

  • Maintain relationships outside of your previous circle of friends and get to know new people and cultures via the platform of Znacht together.

Realize self worth

We often tend to see only the negatives and forget about all the positives. Be good to yourself and remember your positive qualities or all the hurdles that you have already overcome. In order to be able to accept yourself better, it can be helpful to know about your strengths and weaknesses. In the end they all have, Nobody is perfect! It is important that you do not lose faith in yourself and that you can accept yourself for who you are.

  • Keep a so-called gratitude journal and take five minutes a day to strengthen yourself mentally.

    To the explanatory video

    For instructions

  • Take the University of Zurich test to find out what your personal strengths are.

  • Forgive yourself and your counterpart if you react irritably more often.

  • Comfort yourself and your loved ones if everything does not run smoothly as usual.

  • Here is a list of book tips on the subject of "Taking care of yourself".

  • Read this website to find out how you can increase your self-confidence.

  • Concentrate on your vital rhythm (diet, exercise, breathing, sleep). You can find out more about this under the resource "Adjust lifestyle"

  • Friends and professionals will be happy to help you. Get support or advice when you need it.

  • Remember all of your successes that you have already achieved and write them down.

  • How do you rate your self-confidence? Take the test and find out.

    To the test

  • Sometimes liking yourself is more, sometimes less. Be good to yourself and forgive yourself when you make mistakes. Everyone does it!

  • Do you like yourself Find out with this test.

  • Find out more about how you can boost your self-esteem here.

  • Heads up! Sometimes there are just bad days and moments, but they also pass.

    In every life we ​​have some trouble
    But when you worry you make it double
    Do not worry Be Happy

Accept support

Accepting help is not a sign of weakness, but of wisdom. Everyone stands in line somewhere in life and cannot get on on their own. Family and friends can be an important support for our well-being and support us in crises. But sometimes it is easier to talk to outsiders and sometimes the problems are so great that it is important to get professional help so that they do not get any bigger.

  • Find the most important advisory services in your area here.

  • Get in touch with the Dargebotene Hand by calling 143, by e-mail or in a one-on-one chat.

  • For young people: Call 147 or visit the website online to ask questions and receive information from professionals or peers of the same age.

  • Visit the website and find out about various topics in adolescence.

  • Reach out to your family or friends for an initial conversation. You can count on them:

  • Get support in the form of telephone or online counseling on psychosocial or legal issues.

like «burned out»

A for "burned out"

You feel burned out and exhausted. You lack the inner motivation at work or with things that you love.

Here's how you change that

like "Afraid"

Ä as in "Afraid"

Fear has taken hold of you and is clutching you. For a specific reason or for no reason.

Here's how you change that

like "worried"

B for "worried"

You have worries. One, several or very many. Either way, they'll take your mind and you will get nowhere.

Here's how you change that

like «Chillig»

C for «Chillig»

Everything is relaxed. Today and - as relaxed as you approach the world - also tomorrow. Use this feeling and share it.

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like "grateful"

D for "grateful"

You feel a deep gratitude. Because something good happened again or because you can be grateful for so much.

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like "lonely"

E for "lonely"

You feel left alone. Because you lack social contact or because you cannot confide your thoughts to anyone.

Here's how you change that

like «happy»

F for "Happy"

You feel happy and full of energy. It should be like this every day, or most of the time.

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like "Stressed"

G as in "Stressed"

Everything is too much at the moment. You can't keep up with things or you can't deal with something. That’s why you’re irritable.

Here's how you change that

like "helpless"

H for "helpless"

You don't know what to do next and feel at the mercy of you. A faint prevents you from doing things.

Here's how you change that

like "Interested"

I like «Interested»

You feel the drive to want to discover all kinds of things. Congratulations, you've been kissed by inspiration.

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like "cheering"

J as in "Cheering"

You could jump in the air. Because of a pure moment of happiness or simply because there is so much good energy in you.

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like «confused»

K for "confused"

You don't feel yourself that way right now. You might as well be confident but just as hopeless. Kind of confused.

Here's how you change that

like «empty»

L as in «empty»

Outwardly everything may even be fine, but inside you feel empty. How so? You don't even necessarily know that.

Here's how you change that

like "tired"

M for "tired"

You feel tired. It doesn't necessarily have to be a lack of sleep, it can also be mental fatigue.

Here's how you change that

like "thoughtful"

N for "Thoughtful"

You are constantly lost in thought and never on your business. Something is too bothering you.

Here's how you change that

like "Optimistic"

O for "Optimistic"

A quiet confidence fills you and lets you look forward to everything that is to come in a relaxed manner. Because life is beautiful.

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like "Panic"

P for "Panic"

It doesn't matter whether there is a reason or not: You are paralyzed with fear or just want to run away.

Here's how you change that

like "Quer"

Q as in "cross"

Somehow you don't fit anywhere right now. It does not harmonize with your environment. You feel across the landscape.

Here's how you change that

like "restless"

R as in "restless"

You are under constant pressure. So much so that you can't calm down even in quiet moments.

Here's how you change that

how sure"

S for "Safe"

Things are going well and that's how you feel too. With such assurance, you can do great deeds.

Make more of it

how sad"

T as in "sad"

Whether it's a slight disappointment or a heavy loss. The grief you feel keeps coming back.

Here's how you change that

like "Unsure"

U for "Unsure"

A stroke of fate intimidated you. Your trust is gone, you find it difficult to make decisions.

Here's how you change that

like "overwhelmed"

Ü as in "overwhelmed"

Too much is being asked of you. You try to hold it all together but you find yourself losing control.

Here's how you change that

like "in love"

V for "in love"

You mix excitement with pure euphoria. Because you are in love and have butterflies in your stomach!

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like "angry"

W for "angry"

You are angry Wrong has happened again and you only think about how you will get back at him, her or everyone.

Here's how you change that

like "no idea"

X for "no idea"

You have no idea how you feel And even if you do, you won't find any feelings that seem worth mentioning to you.

Here's how you change that

like «Yay»

Y for "Yay"

Yay! Now is the time to celebrate: the big success with a big party or the small moment of happiness with a quiet smile.

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like "satisfied"

Z for "satisfied"

You have nothing to complain about. Not because you don't care about anything, but because sometimes everything is really beautiful in life.

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